Embrace your family life as part of your spiritual journey! Learn how the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda and his disciple Swami Kriyananda can help support and guide you as a parent and a devotee.

How Would God Have Us Love Our Children?

“The wisest approach to child raising is to recognize in every child from the beginning, not a creation of our own, but a newcomer to the home: God, come to remind us of Himself, and of His love for us.” Swami Kriyananda, from Self Expansion Through Marriage

Programs to Deepen Your
Spiritual Family Life

Learn more and get support in how to apply and practice Yogananda’s teachings in your daily life as parent.

Schools & Education

Learn about the Education for Life (EFL) approach, created by Swami Kriyananda based on Yogananda’s teachings.

Conscious Families

Get on-going support, practical guidance and inspiration in how to apply the EFL approach at home.


Join us for in-person, family-friendly events, weekend retreats and more to deepen your experience and meet other parents and families on the spiritual path.

Sharing Nature

Explore the power of nature to help you and family connect with the Divine, bringing greater joy and calmness.

Spiritual Parenting Tools

Parenting Books

Learn more about bringing universal values and spiritual principles and practice into your family life with these titles, written by disciples and Ananda ministers.

Your Spiritual Parenting Questions Answered

Teachers and couple Jyotish and Devi standing smiling together

Course: How to Develop Harmonious Relationships

Experience happy, healthy, loving connections with others
Join us for a course that is based on time-tested yogic principles that can help you develop dynamic and healthy relationships — whether they are friendships, at work, with children, or a romantic relationship — and transform relationships into a source of your greatest happiness in life.

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