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Unlocking Children’s Inner Potential with Education for Life

We are overjoyed to share the results of a new initiative, the integration of the Education for Life (EFL) approach into established schools. The video features two CBSE schools in Gurugram, India, yet the program demonstrates that the child-centered principles of EFL could be integrated in any enthusiastic school in the world. About EFL: Education for Life is a transformative … Read More

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More Calming Techniques for Conscious Parents

This post is a continuation of this list of techniques for cultivating calmness in our homes and in our families. As I mentioned in the first post, this is not the typical “quick fix” list of tips but rather tools and skills that can be developed over time to create calmness within and without. They are inspired by the book … Read More

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Living Wisdom School at Ananda Village

Watch this beautiful new video of the Ananda Village Living Wisdom School: We are a child-centered, nonsectarian, consciousness-based private pre-K thru High School nestled in the heart of Ananda Village on the San Juan Ridge. School starts Wednesday, September 4th, so call now to tour our campus and meet our teachers! All are welcome. (530) 478-7640 or visit us at … Read More

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How Toddlers Teach Us

The road to the nursery school follows a steep ridge at the western boundary of the village. At the top of that hill, a panoramic view is favored by sunset watchers. In the evenings, star watchers come here to observe the heavens as we spin through space. The interconnectedness of our little lives can be felt in expansive vistas. From … Read More

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Growing Up Ananda: How a Bunch of Hippies Got it Right

I was born and raised in a spiritual intentional community. To answer your first question, yes, I loved it. If you google “intentional community” and try to find a glowing testimonial from a child raised in one, you’ll most likely find none. I certainly haven’t. Every article I’ve ever read has been from someone who is coming to grips with … Read More

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Generosity is Genetic: The Yoga of Prosperous Parenting

This week my husband and I did our annual budget. With two kids and barely-above-the-poverty-line salaries, this might be a terrifying experience, but for us it is not. For us, our budget is a tangible experience of the Divine; an ongoing testament to the truth that, “a consciousness of abundance, attracts abundance,” as Swami Kriyananda taught. This year we were … Read More

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From Tantrums to Treats: Meditation with a Toddler

In a recent conversation with other yogi parents, I had a realization. It had been slowly creeping into my awareness, but now it solidified and it’s importance finally made sense. My spiritual practice affects my children, and if I want them to have a positive association with spirituality, I need to understand how they experience it. This reality began with … Read More

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10 Reasons Community Is for Kids!

The final chapter of Paramhansa Yogananda’s spiritual classic, Autobiography of a Yogi, finds him walking with his dear friend and first American disciple, Dr. Lewis through his Encinitas Hermitage grounds. Dr. Lewis asks about a construction project underway on the far side of the grounds and Yogananda begins to describe his vision for world brotherhood colonies: In these beautiful surroundings I … Read More