A Place Called Ananda, Parenting and Education

Heavenly Fatherhood

It’s been eight weeks since my wife Gita and I witnessed the birth of our daughter Tulsi into this world. I say witness, not because Gita did not exhibit extraordinary fortitude and endurance in labor and delivery, or that I was not constantly present, encouraging and supporting in every moment and way I could. It was all so. We witnessed … Read More

A Place Called Ananda, Parenting and Education

Divine Parenting

On the level of duality, it is more than a balancing act as a single parent to raise children, meditate, work, run a household, and serve. However, in the inner reality, it is an experience of ever-new joy, expansion, and communion in God. For all I give to God is returned in the form of energy, inspiration, and guidance. I … Read More

A Place Called Ananda, Parenting and Education

What is True Education? — The Story of the Lee Family

Children can be a force for transformation in the lives of their parents. Some parents, led by their children, rather than the other way around, have even moved to a spiritual community. We often see the Divine working in surprising and mysterious ways, yet seldom in as extraordinary a way as in the story of the Lee family – Simon … Read More

A Place Called Ananda, Parenting and Education, Spirituality and Nature

Caitlin and the Newborn Fawn

If you’ve ever been to Ananda Village, you’ve witnessed the abundance of deer that we have here. They are a mixed blessing for many of us, for although serene and peaceful, they do eat up a good deal of our flora (ah, the duality of life!). They must know that they are safe here, and although we do not feed … Read More

A Place Called Ananda, Parenting and Education, Spiritual Growth

Bliss in the Midst of Fatigue

It’s been a very busy Spring here at Ananda, filled with events that usually happen during the summer: a weekend with Swami Kriyananda, a Crystal Clarity donor dinner, concerts, recordings, and filming. On top of my school teaching schedule, it has made life quite a bit more challenging. As I write this I am in Hansa Mandir, where the Living … Read More

A Place Called Ananda, Parenting and Education


I was frustrated. A friend who’s a nutritionist had told me about two separate dietary systems, each of which appeared to be valid, yet they appeared to be in conflict. I wanted to enjoy the benefits of both, but I couldn’t imagine how to combine them. I went for a run and silently shared my frustration with God. Shy of … Read More

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The Power!

In my role as teacher at the Portland Living Wisdom School, I watch the simple dramas of life enthusiastically played out by the children and, if I pay attention, I learn. Two second grade boys decided to try jumping UP the four steps that lead from one level of the play area to another. One of the boys, who is … Read More

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Leading With Joy

I just finished leading an Education for Life Music Workshop in which I worked with four music teachers from the Living Wisdom Schools in Portland, Seattle, and Palo Alto. For two and a half days we immersed ourselves in the vibration of music and children: a very powerful and uplifting mix! Working with groups of children can be one of … Read More

A Place Called Ananda, Parenting and Education

What It Takes to Succeed

A few years ago I read a book entitled, The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin. Jyotish Novak, spiritual director of Ananda Worldwide, recommended it and I found it very enlightening and applicable to my own life. Josh Waitzkin is probably most popularly known from the book and movie, Searching for Bobby Fisher. Searching for Bobby Fisher is about Josh’s … Read More

A Place Called Ananda, Parenting and Education

The Boy Everyone Loved

I find that parenting is a lot like Paramhansa Yogananda’s analogy of the spiritual path: running at top speed and doing stunts along the way. I thought I was fairly well prepared for fatherhood. Part of Ananda’s First Monastic Order Many years ago I was part of Ananda’s first monastic order. During that time, and for years afterward when I … Read More