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Be the Change! Meditation Music for World Peace & Harmony

Listen to Music for World Peace and Harmony, inspired by Paramhansa Yogananda! Download Radio Ananda Apps Apple Store Available for Download! Google Play Available for Download! It is with great joy we share the news that we have created a new Radio Ananda app! Now you can listen to Radio Ananda on your smart phone…

What Is Ananda Music? Is it simply beautiful music written by Swami Kriyananda that is pleasant to listen to, or does it have underlying power that can change our consciousness? Upon first hearing, Ananda Music seems slightly different from mainstream music. The melodies are gentle, yet deeply moving. The harmonies are richly satisfying, yet always…

Behind Every Great Success Is Great Motivation What’s your motivator: an external reward or the pure JOY of doing? The final moments of the BRAVO Youth Orchestra winter term had finally come. All week the kids were wound up and excited. I would have imagined that the final moments would be a fight to keep attention and…

The Inner Musician

“Sometimes when I’m playing the flute and the music’s really nice, or when I’m at home playing by myself and I have parts where I can’t play, I feel so good and happy it seems as if I could burst…. I seem to get full of something.” It was quite a surprise, in the early…

The earliest memory of music for a musician is probably going to be the one which inspired them to embark on the journey into music. Some experience that was strong enough to be tagged in the vast array of our brain’s amygdala, the storehouse of emotional  memory in our brain. My earliest was when I…

Sound or vibration, according to the great Indian master, Paramhansa Yogananda, is the most powerful force in the universe. That’s because we are made of vibration, and everything we do and think creates a vibration. The sound of Aum or Amen, …

I have the deep blessing to work with the music at Ananda Village. Most of my work is presenting music written by Swami Kriyananda, which comprises over 400 vocal and instrumental pieces. This summer we’ve had many performances: one at Ananda village, another at the Seattle Temple Dedication, and still more at the Revelations of…

Radio Ananda

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Listener Experiences

Thank you for providing such a wonderful alternative radio station. This is a great way for me to incorporate Ananda joy into my every day. I would love the addition of a guided meditation in the morning. Perhaps at 6 or 6:30 am.

BC, California   

Hi, guys! I love Radio Ananda! Congratulations on manifesting this wonderful vision! Hey, have you thought about how folks might eventually be able to receive it on the car radio while driving? ...anyway, thanks a ton, and bless you for GETTING THE VIBE OUT THERE!

JB, California   

The perfect solution to not feeling the responsibility to choose – so many times I’we turned Radio Ananda on to find something I wouldn’t have chosen to listen to, and yet enjoyed it immensely! Thank you for this wonderful service!

DE, California   

I loved your music its so soothing and a pleasure to hear. Thanks for the music, would love to meet all there.

SN, India   

Thank you for this wonderful service. Radio Ananda is the first thing I open on my computer when I get into work, and the last thing I close before I leave. It helps us maintain a calming, uplifting environment throughout the day. What a relief - no need to change CDs; the variety and unrivaled quality offer a "hands free" experience of joy to the listener.

SM, California   

It is wonderful to have Swami's beautiful music and narrating voice playing in the background while I work on writing and other computer tasks. I find that listening to Radio Ananda gives me a spiritual boost that uplifts me and helps with everything I do. Thank you for providing these wonderful programs!

RS, California   

This is sublime. I just clued into this today. Such a variety all in one place. I can do this at home too. Since I'm not an i-pod kind of girl this seems magical. Many Blessings on Radio Ananda.

JS, Washington   

Beautiful! Thank you so much for filling my day with peace and beauty.

SA, Washington   

Thank you for Its such a wonderful thing to have this website. Such relaxing and uplifting music! You're right, this is the next best thing to meditation. Joy to You!

KDR, India   

A really fantastic station, full of devotion, beautiful songs, people and Joy.