Swami Kriyananda at Crystal HermitageSwamiji used to have regular satsangs with the monks in his home, and I was able to attend one. I remember that, without wasting much time, he asked us to settle down and ask any questions that we might have. I was new then and quite eager to find a way to deepen my connection to the Masters.

I had heard that Swamiji used to say, “If you want to know me, listen to my music.” Since I am musically inclined, I had found in that statement an easier way to connect to Swamiji. I was hoping he would give me something similar to help me connect to our Masters as well.

Swami Kriyananda with the monks in IndiaSwamiji’s reply, however, was quite different. He said, “You will get to know me as a person if you listen to my music, but if you want to know the true me, visualize me at the point between the eyebrows and then try to feel at the heart center. And you could do the same for any of our Masters.”

In that moment I was a little disappointed because I was really looking for something simple. Then I realized that he wasn’t stopping me from connecting to him on a personal level, but inviting me to tune into the spirit, the consciousness behind the personality.

It was, though short, a very special time. How we all cherish those moments with Swamiji!


  1. Very simple and profound advice but not easy to put into practice nevertheless. Courage, determination and patience is all you need to receive your God birthrights.

  2. What a simple appearing technique Master has suggested, yet sadhaks like me have to practice a lot. One has to collect faith & shraddha to carry along. I am grateful.

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