The Answer Movie Release in India

The Answer will be released in India August 31st, and is already becoming popular with celebrity tweets and mainstream stories across India. The Answer tells the true story of Swami Kriyananda’s experience of discipleship with the yoga spiritual leader Paramhansa Yogananda in California. “It was a story that deserved to be told, especially for the purity of it,” said director … Read More

Kindness Softens the Human Heart

This past weekend I watched “Won’t You Be My Neighbor,” an inspiring documentary on the life of Fred Rogers (well known for his children’s show “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood”). I was deeply touched by his life story and especially how he connected with children in a meaningful and uplifting way. Children were drawn to him like a magnet, not because he wore a goofy hat, dressed up, made jokes, or did magic tricks, but because he sincerely cared for them. He …

Many Paths Lead to One Truth - Autobiography of a Yogi Story

Answering God’s call to service

In the autumn of 1861, Lahiri Mahasaya, then in his 33rd year, undertook the 30-day, 500-mile journey to Ranikhet in the Himalayas, there to meet for the first time Babaji, who materialized for his beloved disciple a golden palace and there initiated him into Kriya Yoga. Far away in America a terrible civil war was raging. But here in these … Read More

The Meditation Doctor Will See You Now

In need of spiritual CPR? Or how about just a check-up? In Ananda’s Meditation Teacher Training, I learned that sometimes you have to do CPR on your meditation practice, making it a “Constant Process of Re-Inspiration.” When we try something new, or look at our practice from a new angle, it adds fresh life and can make the experience more … Read More

Jackhammer Karma

Being in LA has a number of superficial perks – a variety of great restaurants, temperate climate, wonderful museum exhibits, etc. but everything in this world has its pluses and minuses. A big minus I’ve discovered in the past 2 years is… the jackhammer! We have the good fortune to live in a beautiful neighborhood called Hancock Park, with immaculately landscaped yards and giant, beautiful homes. About 3 years ago, a law was passed to help alleviate the housing crisis …

John Wesley’s Secret of Happiness

The modern fad is to spend and spend and spend to the limits of our ability, and beyond. Several centuries ago, the great preacher and evangelist John Wesley (1703-1791) set a radically different example. Although Wesley was born in humble circumstances, he became so well known that his income eventually exceeded 1400 pounds per year — in today’s terms, the equivalent of … Read More