Making Our Names Synonyms for Goodness

Apart from a burning desire to find God, a common theme that animated the lives of Paramhansa Yogananda and his disciple Swami Kriyananda was an intense zeal to serve God and spread afar the message of Self-Realization. Master and Swamiji were also united in their energetic expectation that we, as disciples, have that same zeal toward this God-ordained mission. In … Read More

Are Scriptures True?

The followers of every religious belief claim their scriptures to be of divine origin, but how are you going to find out which scriptures actually represent truth? The number of followers is not proof. Nor can belief in the Christian Bible or the Hindu Vedas establish the immutable, universal nature of the principles they espouse. You can, of course, find in the Bible and the Vedas moral … Read More

Feeling inadequate – Stop comparing yourself to others

We feel inadequate when we start comparing ourselves to others. Comparing ourselves to others can detriment our growth instead of helping. We must understand that every person is unique and it’s important to accept oneself for who we are and be happy with it. Nayaswami Jyotish shares a wonderful story to illustrate how our imperfections too can be a blessing.

How Do You Know?

Can the cells in your body – even a single one of your body’s trillions – know what it’s like to be the whole that is you? Every cell is endowed with a certain capacity and function that does not include the capacity of knowing more than what it’s to do. Nor can a drop of the sea know what … Read More

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Kindness Softens the Human Heart

This past weekend I watched “Won’t You Be My Neighbor,” an inspiring documentary on the life of Fred Rogers (well known for his children’s show “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood”). I was deeply touched by his life story and especially how he connected with children in a meaningful and uplifting way. Children were drawn to him like a magnet, not because he wore a goofy hat, dressed up, made jokes, or did magic tricks, but because he sincerely cared for them. He …