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Kriya Yoga – The Airplane Route to God

What is Kriya Yoga? Paramhansa Yogananda popularized Kriya Yoga through his book, Autobiography of a Yogi, and through his public teaching in the West. According to Yogananda, Kriya Yoga is the most effective meditation technique available to mankind today for reaching the goal of Yoga: union with the Divine. The Kriya Yoga technique is taught by Ananda Sangha Worldwide through initiation … Read More

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Gratitude Affirmation

Only a thief takes without paying for what he gets. And one who accepts a kindness without returning gratitude, as though the kindness were his by right, demeans both the giver and himself. He demeans the giver, because by ingratitude he implies that the kindness was inspired by selfish motives. And he demeans himself, because by giving nothing in return … Read More

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The Blessings of Heart, Hands & Mind

When we recently visited the tomb of Mother Teresa in Calcutta, we learned of something she said that is pertinent to all devotees. To spiritualize daily life, it’s not enough to meditate and then become absorbed in the busyness of the day. We need to find a way to bring these three elements — heart, hands, and mind — into everything we do. The … Read More

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Part II: Can World Problems be Solved with Higher Consciousness?

Each of us has the ability to develop the spiritual power to remain unaffected by the turmoil we find in the world today. Yogananda said that those who follow this path will be protected during difficult times to come. Since God doesn’t play favorites, what Yogananda meant by this was that people who are meditating and practicing the principles of … Read More

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Bridging the Gap: Personal vs Spiritual Life

This is one of the more commonly asked questions: balancing the spiritual with the personal, everyday life. Somehow, a majority seem to be struggling with this issue; the inability to bring these two aspects of their lives together. But is there really an inherent conflict here? Are these two flows, one spiritual, the other personal, truly contradictory to one another. … Read More