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Keys to Helping Others Spiritually

Swami Kriyananda, Paramhansa Yogananda’s direct disciple and the founder of Ananda, counseled thousands of people during his lifetime. He developed our approach to counseling others spiritually. Most people live in the conscious realm, which is limited to the material world. They are not used to thinking in superconscious ways or to drawing on intuition to find solutions. In spiritual counseling, … Read More

Spiritual Growth

Forget the Past

Ed was a neighbor and eventually a friend who looked upon life with a humorous detachment. He died a few years ago. Ed also, as a young man, had robbed banks. Like most who take up that profession, he was captured and sent to prison, but a decade in jail didn’t harden him as it does many. He served his … Read More

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The Beast in the Jungle

It’s no question that we’re living in very challenging times. Many friends have told us that with all the uncertainty and stress around them now, the days and weeks seem to run together in a blur. They’re either waiting for life to return to normal; hoping that things will improve; or fearing that they will only get worse. This cycle … Read More