How to Win the “Best Actor Award” in the Cosmic Movie

A significant technological advance during the early years of Paramhansa Yogananda’s life was the motion-picture. Although Paramhansa Yogananda advised his students to not waste time watching too many movies, he often used a movie analogy to explain the central, yet difficult to grasp, yogic teaching that this Creation itself is like one big movie — a play of light and … Read More

Three Questions Answered by Swami Kriyananda

Years ago an Italian yoga magazine sent three formidable questions to Swami Kriyananda: What does God want of us? What does God give us? Who is God? Soon he sent an article back to them, stimulating as always. It is now kept as a precious keepsake with his handwritten corrections on it. Here is what Kriyananda wrote: What does God … Read More

Running in Tune with Truth

How can we exercise in a way that will put us in attunement with Truth, so that we will achieve physical health, fitness, and joy as efficiently as possible? For years, I had a spiritual dharma, a life’s duty, to discover how universal, nonsectarian spiritual principles could be applied to advantage in exercise and sports training. I had many theories about … Read More

What Kind of Channel Do You Want to Be?

-Excerpted from the book‚ How to be a Channel by J. Donald Walters There are as many possible kinds of channeling as there are people. For it is human beings who determine the quality of any magnetic appeal they send out for channeling. Each of them has his own nature‚ his own special combination of interest‚ and desires. A few … Read More