Spiritual Growth

Yoga: The Art of Proper Action

Rajarsi Janakananda (James J. Lynn) was one of the foremost disciples of Paramhansa Yogananda. Remarkably, he was also a self-made millionaire, and by today’s standards, he would have been a billionaire from his ownership of multiple corporations. He did not, however, inherit his wealth. It was quite the opposite. He came from a very humble background. As a child, he … Read More

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God-Given Powers

Yogananda teaches us the importance of harnessing the power of will to achieve success and emphasizes that we are not helpless sinners, but rather capable beings drawing energy from a divine source. He also highlights the transformative power of love and forgiveness, guiding us to understand that these emotions come from a higher source. Yogananda reminds us that the ability … Read More

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Three Questions

The interview with Richard Dugan for Tell Me Your Story explores three thought-provoking questions: “Who are you?” “What gets you up in the morning?” and “What was your best day?” These questions delve into personal identity, motivation, and gratitude. Answering “Who are you?” requires peeling back superficial self-definitions to uncover eternal qualities. “What gets you up?” explores motivations, suggesting techniques … Read More

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The Goldsmith and the Jeweler

Yogananda brought the esoteric path of Kriya Yoga to the West, understanding the changing needs and mindset of Westerners. He offered teachings that students could easily relate to and practice. The Energization Exercises are more than just breathing and strengthening exercises; they demonstrate the understanding that prana, or life force, is the essence of creation. Yogananda emphasized the importance of … Read More

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Do the Right Thing

Every day, we face numerous choices, both large and small, that can either expand or contract us. When reactive processes get aroused, it is essential to reset our minds and intuition to make the right decisions. A simple example is a printer that stopped working after a night of sleep. To make the right decision, first get centered, then use … Read More

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The Generosity of Light

Swami Kriyananda’s life was marked by remarkable spiritual generosity, as he selflessly shared the teachings and philosophy of his guru, Paramhansa Yogananda. He played a crucial role in bringing Yogananda’s well-known Autobiography of a Yogi to life for many individuals. Swami Kriyananda’s approach to teaching was personalized, helping each soul deepen their spiritual journey and reach their highest potential. His … Read More

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God-Powered Steering

A friend shared an analogy that gave new meaning to “divine guidance.” Like GPS, we enter our destination: “God! God! God!” Pay attention and follow Yogananda’s GPS tips: Keep turning your mind to God, even in the midst of difficulties. Let God be the focus of your waking, eating, working, dreaming, sleeping, serving, meditating, and chanting. This concept isn’t modern, … Read More

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The Charioteer

The epic battle between the Pandavas and Kauravas in the Mahabharata, a part of the Bhagavad Gita, is a metaphor for the struggle between spiritual and materialistic forces within a person. Arjuna, a great devotee-warrior, chose Krishna as his charioteer to lead his forces to victory. The chariot represents the human body, the five senses, and the journey through the … Read More

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Moksha Day

Ananda Village annually celebrates Moksha Day, in honor of Swami Kriyananda’s dedication to achieving spiritual liberation. The day is marked by a six-hour meditation at Swamiji’s home, Crystal Hermitage, which is known for its tulip gardens that he loved. Swamiji embodied qualities such as enthusiasm, discipleship to Master (Paramhansa Yogananda), and universal kindness, friendship, and love. He believed that enthusiasm … Read More