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In Divine Service

What’s the difference between work and service? We should view whatever gainful employment we seek as a service, never merely as work. The mere thought of hard work, indeed, often drains a person’s energies, whereas joyful, willing service opens inner floodgates to a boundless supply of energy. -Swami Kriyananda Here are three keys to help you transform your attitude about … Read More

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How Meditation Changed My Life

Why Meditate? Most people are trying to achieve outward security and outward fulfillment but always find that something doesn’t go right.  There’s always something missing. That something, in the last analysis, is God. -Swami Kriyananda At age seven, I had no idea I was looking for God but when my great uncle whom I was very close to passed away, … Read More

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Ten Ways to Expand Your Consciousness

Self-Esteem vs. Self-Respect It is quite normal for businessmen and for anyone striving for success in life to feel a need for self-esteem. Low self-esteem is an obstacle to success. If however, a person wants true happiness, it is also necessary for him to eliminate any relish in his self-importance. I suggest that the modern-day emphasis on self-esteem be changed. Self-respect … Read More