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Meditation – The Pursuit and Gift of a Lifetime

A lot of people decide to learn meditation but far too many do not stick with it nor decide to make it a practice for life. I suspect that to these individuals meditation seems too much of a labor, an investment of time they don’t think they have, or as some may call it — a selfish pursuit. There are … Read More

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The Inner Hike

My daughter and I took a beautiful six-mile hike recently to Ramona Falls at the base of Mt. Hood. On the way, she asked, “Why do humans hike?” I said that we hike to satisfy our need as humans to explore, to move, and in some cases, to survive. Personally, I love the feeling of moving my body on a … Read More

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Watch My Smoke!

Swami Kriyananda had a delightful T-shirt which proclaimed, almost warningly: WATCH MY SMOKE! It immediately relaxed his visitors into a humorous mood. It was just good fun! At the same time, everyone knew that he indeed produced an amazing amount of “smoke” in his life, like Yogananda, creating a lasting and visible impact wherever he was. “Where there is smoke, … Read More