From “selfie” to “Selfie” Through Meditation

Swami Kriyananda would often tell his students that a yogi’s true goal is to get the little “self” out of the picture so that he can focus on the divine “Self” within. By the little “self” Swamiji meant our egoic identity, built around the physical body, the personality and the “bundle of self-definitions” that egoic identity brings in its wake: … Read More

What is the Difference Between Contentment and Satisfaction?

Contentment has within it an element of cheerful renunciation. It also includes a keen realization of which possessions are really worthwhile. We attain contentment.  We are not born with it. Contentment and satisfaction do not come with wealth or the possession of things. The possession and care of things can become a real burden. A created want or desire becomes … Read More

Strong Medicine

Paramhansa Yogananda’s message is for the world. The raising of consciousness through meditation. The practice of kindness and compassion to all mankind. The understanding that God comes to us as Love, Wisdom, Peace, and Joy. These are all concepts that people everywhere can accept and appreciate. But Yoganandaji didn’t only bring a message of hope and kindness, he brought a … Read More