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Joy, Good Humor, and Kriya Yoga

Swami Kriyananda often said that each technique on the path of Kriya Yoga helps us to commune with an aspect of the Divine. The Energization Exercises help us attune to the Power aspect of God. Hong-Sau brings an experience of God as Peace. The Aum technique introduces us to God as Cosmic Vibration and Kriya Yoga helps us commune with … Read More

Spiritual Growth

The Eight Meannesses of the Heart

When I was in my late teens I made an unpleasant discovery: I had a fear of banks. In itself this needn’t have been a problem. But my friends and I were traveling in foreign countries, and the special checks that I was carrying needed my signature within a bank in order to be cashed. Those blurred lines that my … Read More

Spiritual Growth

What Being Patient Really Means

At beginning of 2020, I participated in an art workshop where we each chose a word for the year. Rather than creating specific resolutions, we chose one word as our focus or inspiration for the year. The word I chose was patience. As we navigated that year of unknowns, ending so many conversations with “let’s wait and see,” I had … Read More