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The Ever New Joy

Meditation is that level of absorption when one has an actual experience of God, or one of His attributes.  -Swami Kriyananda A friend came to see me recently very discouraged with her lack of progress in meditation. Knowing that she’d been meditating for several years, I wondered what the problem was. “I never see God or the Masters in meditation,” … Read More

Spiritual Growth

How to Win the “Best Actor Award” in the Cosmic Movie

A significant technological advance during the early years of Paramhansa Yogananda’s life was the motion-picture. Although Paramhansa Yogananda advised his students to not waste time watching too many movies, he often used a movie analogy to explain the central, yet difficult to grasp, yogic teaching that this Creation itself is like one big movie — a play of light and … Read More

Guru-Disciple Relationship, Spiritual Growth

Three Questions Answered by Swami Kriyananda

Years ago an Italian yoga magazine sent three formidable questions to Swami Kriyananda: What does God want of us? What does God give us? Who is God? Soon he sent an article back to them, stimulating as always. It is now kept as a precious keepsake with his handwritten corrections on it. Here is what Kriyananda wrote: What does God … Read More