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Divine Friendship

What is the spiritual way to relate to other people—students, friends, or family members? When we hear that it is ideal to relate to other people in an impersonal way, many of us think that means to be cold and uncaring. But the true definition of impersonal love is very deep. In personal love there is some expectation of the … Read More

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Play the Game of Eight

The Eight Aspects of God The attributes or aspects of God are basically eight: Peace, Joy, Light, Calmness, Sound, Love, Power and Wisdom. True meditation is a state of intense awareness, being absorbed in an actual experience of God in one of His attributes. The practice of meditation is different, however, from the actual experience of meditation as a state … Read More

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How Taking Seclusion May Help Us During Periods of Sheltering in Place

We are now experiencing interesting times with our world enduring a pandemic that demands extraordinary measures and brings social and economic turmoil and hardship. More recently we find ourselves in the throes of reckoning with the persistent, systemic racism in our society. Paramhansa Yogananda predicted a time like this. He called it a necessary purification and purging of humanity’s greed … Read More