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The Propelled Heart

In my early forties, quite unexpectedly, I felt propelled to have my Dutch university degree recognized here in Italy. I immediately acted upon this unforeseen objective and fearlessly challenged the labyrinth of this country’s bureaucracy. Finally I was told that, in order to get what I wanted, I had to pay a year’s university fee, take three additional exams, and … Read More

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A Pilgrimage with Mahavatar Babaji & Maa Ganga

Ranikhet, Uttarakhand has a special significance for all who tread the path of Kriya Yoga. Here, the yoga master who revived Kriya in the modern age, Lahiri Mahasaya, first got initiated by his Guru, Mahavatar Babaji. As the story goes in Autobiography of a Yogi, Lahiri was transferred to Ranikhet while working as an accountant in a Military Engineering Department … Read More

Spiritual Growth

Why the Teen Years and Early 20s Are a Good Time to Learn to Meditate

The twenties are a difficult phase of life. This is when one experiences a quarter-life crisis where doubt creeps in and one isn’t sure of what the next logical step is. This is where meditation can do wonders by giving deeper self-awareness to those in their teens and early twenties. It helps them listen to their inner, intuitive wisdom for … Read More