Accepting Our Tests

Nayaswami Jyotish shares from the inspiration of Jesus and Lahiri Mahasaya about the importance of accepting our tests as vehicles for further growth. From his Easter Sunday Service at Ananda Village, April 21st, 2019.

25 Days Off the Ground

In January of 2019, my husband Gyandev and I traveled to India. He went to northern India to share Ananda Yoga at the Ananda centers in Delhi, Pune, and Mumbai while I headed to the Ayurvedic resort in Kerala in southern India. We were to lead a tour group on an Ayurvedic Healing Retreat at the resort and I was … Read More

Easter with the Holy Grail

Swami Kriyananda in his 2012 Easter message offered an inspiring challenge to us: “Easter is a reminder, once a year – more than New Year, when you make resolutions which most people break within a few hours – to tell yourself: ‘As Christ resurrected himself, I want to resurrect myself. Whatever I have been, whatever faults I have had, whatever … Read More

Why Is it So Hard to Find God?

It is because they do not seek Him with deep sincerity and give up too soon. You will receive from God exactly what you give to Him in devotion and service. A saint in India whose body was diseased used to cry out, “Lord, come into this broken temple.” He used to sit for eighteen hours a day in deep … Read More