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The Essence of Gratitude

In observing people I’ve noticed that the capacity to be grateful is a mark of spiritual refinement. I don’t mean the capacity to express gratitude but to feel it. Many people express gratitude outwardly, but the real expression of appreciation is not in words but from within. This kind of inner appreciation, which is a feeling of love, is tantamount … Read More

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A Life of Service

From a young age, I wanted to know the purpose of life. What was it all about? Why was I born? I know that many people today ask the same questions, often after seeking answers in all the wrong ways, just as I did. Long Dry Period Before I found the spiritual path, my life could be described as a … Read More

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How Meditation Changed My Life

To meditate a short time with depth is better than to meditate for long hours with the mind running wild.” – Paramhansa Yogananda I heard about meditation for the first time from my aunt. She might have suggested it because it seemed necessary. During those times, I certainly needed guidance but at the same time, I didn’t know I needed … Read More

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Meditation: Chore or Privilege?

I must admit that meditation has not been easy for me lately. I have so many things calling for my attention including the daily priorities of family life, longer-term goals, creative projects, and of course, spontaneous desires. It has been almost impossible to keep still long enough to go deeper in meditation. I was humorously sharing with a friend recently … Read More