Mr. New Meditative Year and His Five Notes

It’s just another normal day. But then…. imagine… the doorbell rings. You go to open the door, curious as to who would show up at this late time of the year. To your great surprise, a very special person is standing before you: Mr. New Meditative Year. He smiles at you in greeting and silently hands you a special note. … Read More

The Real Spirit of Christmas

The real spirit of Christmas is JOY! And you can get that joy by always wanting less and less, by understanding that in your heart you already have everything that you will ever have. This joy that comes in simplicity, in a child-like, humble heart is worth everything. When you can sit in your meditation and just feel so good … Read More

Do Unto Others as You Would Have Others Do Unto You

Nayaswami Jyotish invites us to look at this world as our family, everyone around as our brothers and sisters. When we expand our world in this way, he says our perception changes in a good way. And when people will start living this way, this could lead to a better world.