What Is Ananda Chanting?

Paramhansa Yogananda introduced a new kind of chanting in the West, based on the repetition of meaningful phrases, rather than the repetition of various names of God as is traditional in India. Its purpose is to focus the heart’s feelings and raise them toward superconsciousness.

The highest purpose of chanting is to help awaken us to our own spiritual potential: to bring us closer to Self-realization.

Ananda Chanting includes those chants by Yogananda that are in the public domain, plus chants by Swami Kriyananda.

“I listened to these chants and, eventually, sang along as I learned the words and the melodies. I learned that they had the power to pull my heart out of sadness and loneliness and into a place of real joy.”SS, TEXAS

Chanting Videos

Kirtan for Divine Joy

Keshava Betts leads us in basic, classic chanting with just harmonium and voice.

Kirtan in the Temple of Light

Kirtan is group devotional chanting. Join this one from Ananda Village’s 50th anniversary celebration, 2019.

How Shall I Love Thee?

Sing Swami Kriyananda’s chant with members of Ananda Mumbai and Ananda Pune in India.

Worldwide Kirtan

Chanting groups from Ananda Village and around the world share Spiritual Renewal Week, 2021.


“Chanting is half the battle.”Paramhansa Yogananda