Go on the spiritual journey of a lifetime.

Upcoming Pilgrimages

July 30–Aug 6, 2024

Visit the sacred places in California where Paramhansa Yogananda lived, wrote, and blessed the world.

January 7–14, 2025

Ananda spiritual vacation at stunning retreat center on Maui. Morning guided yoga and meditation, restorative yoga evenings, whale watching, walk in bamboo forest, enjoy the beach for snorkeling, and much more.

Fall 2025

Experience a life-changing adventure to holy sites and ancient monasteries.

Future Pilgrimages

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A Ganges Sojourn

Date To Be Determined

Uttarakhand Temples, Ananda Yoga and Meditation, ashram setting, rafting and much more.

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Sacred Southern India

January–February, 2026

Join hosts Krishna Das of Ananda Village and Kiara Radha of India on a magnificent spiritual journey to temples and pilgrimage places in southern India.

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India Pilgrimage

Date To Be Determined

A spiritual pilgrimage to the many holy places in India sanctified by Paramhansa Yogananda, and the many saints and holy men and women he described in Autobiography of a Yogi. This trip is extremely well thought out, based on years of experience, to give you countless opportunities for inner inspiration.

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The Ananda Pilgrimage Experience

Get into a profound state of flow and upliftment

Certain places in the world have a divine power that can bless and transform you. In such places, even the soil vibrates with higher consciousness.

To make the most of your visit there, it is best to eliminate distractions, to travel with uplifting and like-minded company, and to follow a wise and experienced guide.

That’s why we’ve been leading pilgrimages for almost 50 years—to take care of the details and help you have profound, unforgettable spiritual journeys.

Relax and focus on the inner experience

Our carefully curated itineraries allow our guests to be in a gentle state of flow, supported by our hosts, helping you connect with the holiness of each site.

Go deep with inspiring leaders and experienced guides

Our Ananda hosts as well as the in-country guides serve with joy and focus to inspire you to further deepen your inner spiritual life.

“Meditations in the morning, chanting and selected readings as we approached each destination helped us to prepare for deeply spiritual experiences.”

Join us to experience the divine blessings of pilgrimage.

“The benefit of pilgrimage to holy places is not because of their rich history, but for the fact that divine blessings can be experienced when visiting them.”