Dates January 7–14, 2025
Location Maui, Hawaii; up-island yoga retreat center
Offered by Ananda Pilgrimages & Ananda School of Yoga & Meditation
Leaders Annapurna Darcy Delyle and Melody Hansen
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Find inner peace, uplifted clarity, and renewed joy for the new year.

An Ananda Spiritual Vacation on Maui, Hawaii.

We’ve been hosting spiritual vacations in lovely tropical places for the past 18 years, with positive reviews and many return guests. We welcome those seeking a deeper time away from the busy world, who want to be with fellow truth seekers in a peaceful, supportive, renewing atmosphere.

This 7-night vacation is for those who love Spirit in nature, benefit from being in or near the ocean, and are looking for time to meditate, enjoy restorative yoga, and be nourished body, mind, and soul.

A special and unique feature of this retreat will be three evenings of Restorative Ananda Yoga™, hosted by Melody Hansen of the Ananda School of Yoga & Meditation. Be gently guided to consciously relax and release deep-seated physical, mental, and emotional tension — and then be supported by this renewal into a positive new year.

A Heart-Opening Spiritual Vacation

For this Ananda Spiritual Vacation we’ve joyfully selected the spiritual island of Maui, Hawaii, known as the “heart chakra” of the Hawaiian Islands — a place where the heart opens to divine healing energy. 

Our Ananda Pilgrimage host, Annapurna Delyle, E-RYT 500, LMT, lives in Maui and you’ll greatly enjoy her beautiful energy and knowledge of very special spiritual places to visit and things to do on the island. Here are some of the heart opening joys Annapurna and co-host Melody will share during this spiritual vacation:

  • Relax into our peace-filled yoga retreat center in Maui, upcountry with lovely garden rooms, delicious dining, a pool and hot tub
  • Enjoy days of a relaxed pace, with a balance of uplifting activities and quiet time
  • Be supported by our inspirational hosts, the retreat staff, and special activity guides
  • Restore your balance and be inspired to honor the last year and envision the new one
  • Spend time with other positive guests who share your aspiration to find joy
  • Through meditation, yoga, and spiritual ceremony feel blessed by a tangible divine presence
  • Unpack the tensions of your body and mind through Restorative Ananda Yoga
  • Connect with Spirit in Nature — at the ocean, in forests, enjoying tropical gardens
  • Two optional wellness services: Ayurveda treatments by Annapurna, and massages by the Lumeria masseuse staff
  • Nourish every cell with beautiful local foods, joyfully prepared
  • All activities are optional… and we think you’ll want to join us for every day of joy!

“I have experienced restorative yoga before—but never like this! There was such a deep nurturing, loving embrace felt in each session. I felt relaxed and loved.”


Begin Your Day Renewed

Begin the day with our light-filled Ananda morning routine:

  • Our guided sadhana is one of gentle expansion into the day 
  • We practice Paramhansa Yogananda’s Energization Exercises
  • Gently open our bodies and minds with guided gentle Ananda Yoga
    • Ananda Yoga hatha asanas allow people to draw physical, energetic, and spiritual benefits. Ananda Yoga™ is known for its use of affirmations for each specific asana, such as for peace, focus, and surrender to life. 
  • Devotional and grounding chanting with harmonium
  • Time for meditation, prayers for world peace, and a positive affirmation you can carry in your heart throughout the day
  • Ayurveda Sunrise Treatment or Maui massage by pre-arrangement (guests pay for these services)
A hidden waterfall in Maui Hawaii

Spirit in Nature — Nature in You

Each day will include a planned and uplifting activity to explore the beauty of Maui’s natural beauty. We provide the transportation and cover all costs. You can participate as much or as little as you’d like — many of these activities will be guided by Annapurna who is an experienced whale watcher, kayaker and loves hosting friends around Maui:  

  • Snorkel in the ocean, explore the tide pools
  • Walking enjoyment in bamboo forests and gardens
  • Kayaking to see whales and other ocean friends  
    • Whales play a vital role in the marine ecosystem where they help provide at least half of the oxygen you breathe, combat climate change, and sustain fish stocks. When people experience whales in their natural habitat they become more connected with them. More connection, more motivation to protect and respect them. 
  • Connect with beach energy — swim, rest, walk, wander
  • Our retreat location is lush with many tropical flowering plants and birdsong
  • If there is another type of activity you wish to do we will help you coordinate that

Three Evenings of Deep Conscious Relaxation

Consciously relax and release deep-seated physical, mental, and emotional tension.

Melody Hansen will host three special evenings of guided restorative yoga with routines she has created, including a program for the chakras. 

Ananda Restorative Yoga™ is uniquely based on the universal teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, author of the spiritual classic, Autobiography of a Yogi

  • The Chakra Program: Melody will lead you through deeply relaxing poses; one pose for each chakra, using techniques to increase the flow of energy through the chakras.
  • Enjoy peaceful music while you rest in each restorative position. We will provide all the props you will need to go deep into relaxation.
  • Experience the power of affirmations combined with visualizations to deepen relaxation which will strengthen the mind-body and energy connection.
  • Learn simple, yet powerful techniques to deepen concentration, peace of mind, and relaxation.

“The Ananda Restorative Yoga retreat helped me find a calming balance while still feeling energized. It felt nurturing and healing. Melody was delightful. She has a sweet, calming presence and is very good at putting people at ease.”

Maui Dining

Uplifting locations, nourishing local foods:

  • Enjoy incredible, healing local foods — farm to table
  • A delicious breakfast in the pretty dining room or lanai seating
  • Lunches will be at the retreat, as well as places around the island as part of our day trips 
  • Enjoy a sunset dinner cruise!
  • Experience home made food from the amazing food trucks
  • Special local eateries set in pretty places and lots of local culture

Bring in the New Year

… with inspiring spiritual ceremonies and experiences: 

Annapurna and Melody have lovingly planned a number of very special spiritual ceremonies in which you can get reacquainted with your divine self. All are optional, all will be very memorable — filled with love and peace.

  • Sacred Sunrise: We’ll travel to the height of Maui and experience the sun rise on the summit of Haleakalā volcano. The landscape—deeply sculpted, richly colored, and forever changing—is unlike anywhere else on Earth. The Haleakala Volcano matches the Schumann Resonance at 7.8 cycles per second, the same resonance of our hearts and the natural state of Earth. This massive volcano towers 10,023 feet above sea level, and the overwhelming sense of gratitude one feels at the top is undeniable. The site still holds spiritual significance for Hawaiians; ancient ritual sites have been discovered around the crater, and island.
  • Agnihotra Vedic Fire Ceremony: is a simple and deep Vedic ritual of lighting a pyramid of fire in a small copper pot and giving offerings of ghee & rice into the fire at the time of sunset and/or sunrise with chanting of mantras. Agnihotra is a healing fire from the ancient science of Ayurveda. It is a process of purifying the atmosphere through a specially prepared fire performed at sunrise and sunset daily.
    • Agnihotra reduces stress, leads to greater clarity of thought, improves overall health, gives one increased energy, and makes the mind more full of love.
  • Ananda Kirtan evening to expand our heart chakra for deeper devotion

“From the moment you meet her, Annapurna radiates a joy and warmth that can truly be felt. Her instructions are always clear and precise. She is artistic and concise with her words. She is simple and authentic and emits a depth of calmness and grace. She leads the class to go beyond the physical body and connect with the higher part of your being through the breath.”

All-Inclusive Maui Retreat

Extensive, daily guided programming: Our day trips and evening events are all included in the cost of the retreat: a dinner cruise to whale watch, visit tropical gardens, kayaking and beach visits, restorative yoga evenings, holistic ceremonies, and more. All are optional. There will be time to get a massage (20% off retreat cost), swim in the pool, or take a nap.

Air-travel isn’t included in our costs.

Expert Hosts: Melody and Annapurna have studied and taught Ananda Yoga for more than 16 years each. They are long-time Ananda members and each has a daily practice of Kriya Yoga — the meditation of Paramhansa Yogananda. Their joy, kindness, and kind hospitality has allowed them to meet hundreds of guests and be at ease in all situations. 

Accommodations: Private and Shared Rooms 

7-nights at a highly rated Maui yoga education center. Lovely private and shared rooms; Rated “#1 of 7 of Maui cottages” by Tripadvisor 2023. 

Guest rooms are intentionally appointed to serve the needs of individuals and groups on retreat while retaining the original design of the buildings to impart a sense of history and old Hawaii charm. You can choose from two options: Private Room, or Shared Room. Rooms have a garden or courtyard view, and include lanais — we’ll select for you.

Each room has a private bath, ceiling fan, air conditioner, small refrigerator, and wifi, linens and terry. You will love your room!

Meet our pilgrimage hosts

Melody Hansen, Ananda School of Yoga & Meditation

Director of Ananda Yoga® Teacher Training, Director of Restorative Yoga Teacher Training, Level 2 Ananda Yoga Teacher, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT, Certified Ananda Yoga Therapist, Ananda Meditation® Teacher

Melody is an extraordinary yoga teacher, who conveys her great knowledge of yoga asanas—from physical mechanics to spiritual upliftment—with a blend of graciousness, authority, and fun.

One of Melody’s greatest strengths is the purity of her transmission of Yoga. She has very little egotism to block the clear flow of inspiration she shares. Her inner life is committed and deep, and she’s able to help students experience that depth in their yoga practice.

Melody has been practicing the teachings of yoga since the age of 14, and began teaching at age 17. She is a Certified Ananda Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), and teaches therapeutic yoga for private sessions and groups. Melody loves leading Ananda’s Restorative Yoga Teacher Training in-person at The Expanding Light Retreat three times per year. She also directs the Ananda Yoga Teacher Training 200-hour program at The Ananda School of Yoga and Meditation in California.

Melody uses restorative yoga, Ananda Yoga and Meditation in her personal life to balance serving her students and her family. She practices what she preaches and enjoys guiding beginning through advanced students into the stillness of meditation that follows yoga so that all can experience their higher potential.

Annapurna Darcy Delyle

Practitioner of Ayurveda Medicine, AWP, Massage Therapist, LMT; Ananda Yoga(™) and Meditation Teacher E-RYT 500.

For Annapurna, living in Maui is a blessing. Annapurna Darcy Delyle has been practicing meditation for over 40 years and yoga for over 30 years. She began her meditation practice at the age of 15. After living in Maui for three years, Annapurna has much to share. She is volunteering to help the people of Maui Strong, who lost their city of Lahaina. She is learning the Hawaiian ways of living in harmony with nature and Ohana.

Ayurveda chose Annapurna. It became a practice mostly after she began teaching yoga in 2007. Annapurna has trained in classical Ayurveda with Indian Vaidyas, at Kerala Ayurveda Academy, in Milpitas, and in Kerala India. She will be offering pre-scheduled appointments for our guests to receive treatments. She has an online practice from Maui, helping people find their balance through diet, herbs, PanchaKarma, yoga, and meditation. Learn more at her Ayurveda website.

Annapurna has been practicing massage for over 30 years now. Her mother was also a practitioner, giving her the healing transformation that allowed her to intuit how to work with people. Her warm and nurturing presence can be felt as she stands tall and graceful.

Annapurna has traveled the world and has lived in many wonderful places, such as Alaska, Hawaii, California, where she was born and raised, and even Atlanta, Georgia. Her first time on a SUP was a pleasant surprise to learn how the whales migrate here yearly and how much joy they bring to spending time on the ocean with them and the other living beings.

Making a reservation


Early Bird Rates
Available now through July 15, 2024
Shared room, per person*: $4,350
Private room: $5,700

Regular Rates
Available July 16 – Sept. 30, 2024
Shared room, per person*: $5,200
Private room: $6,500

*We will match you with a roommate of the same gender.

To register, reserve online and make your $1,000 deposit — this will secure your reservation. Remember, space is limited!

  • The cost of all hotel lodgings in Maui, Hawaii.
  • All meals: Breakfasts will be at our retreat center; some lunches and dinners at the retreat and some at local food establishments (with the exception if you order off menu or have alcohol)
  • All transportation to/from the airport (unless you arrive later than our last pick-up).
  • All transportation to our planned activities: We’ll have two comfortable vans to transport our guests around the island — save money and don’t rent a car. You may have a little wait time at the airport as we aim to pick-up small groups at 3 different, pre-scheduled times — if you have to take a cab it is about $30.
  • Our vacation co-hosts will be with our guests at all locations we will tour to provide helpful commentary, lead special meditations, answer questions.
  • We will bring you to the airport on departure day
  • Air or car travel to/from Maui, Hawaii
  • Retreat services: Special 20% off your massage service at the retreat. Also, co-host Annapurna is an Ayurveda Practitioner and will be offering services during the retreat. Guests will be sent a schedule and links to book the appointments you would like to make. Advance booking is required. 
  • Personal items, laundry services, any activities you wish to do that we aren’t offering, personal shopping, ordering off menu for additional items, alcoholic beverages.
  • Any gratuity you wish to share with our hosts, hotel staff
  • Travel Insurance: We highly recommend you get travel insurance in case you need to cancel after our refund dates. Many major credit card companies include some coverage so we advise you first check with them before paying for extra insurance
Dates January 7–14, 2025
Location Maui, Hawaii
Leaders Annapurna Darcy Delyle and Melody Hansen
Sign up now For an early bird discount, register by July 15, 2024
Limited spots Only 21 spaces total (7 private rooms; 7 shared rooms)

Frequent questions

I want a shared room, can you match me with another guest?

Yes, we’re happy to match you with a same gender guest.

What should I bring, what should I leave at home?
  • Bring swimwear (bathing suit/robe/cover-up) and any personal swim gear if you have it [goggles, flippers, etc.)
  • Comfortable clothes for yoga, meditation
  • Wear and pack light-weight clothing that layers well for cooler mornings or evenings.
  • Shoes or light-weight walking shoes for uneven surfaces.
  • Leave behind beach towels, yoga mats/gear which we will provide.
Should I notify you about some dietary preferences?

Yes, we will want to know your preferences and will do our best to honor your requests. Our meals at the retreat center will be vegetarian. We will need 60-day notice if you want fish added to your meals, or if you need gluten free options.

When we dine out there will be more options to choose from, however, there may also be more limitations too — for example, a food truck may not do vegan or gluten-free foods.

I will want a massage at the retreat center, and/or Ayurveda Treatment with Annapurna — how will I reserve for these?

Once you make your deposit we will provide you the contact information to book your massage at the retreat center, and Annapurna’s web url to schedule with her online.

We highly recommend you reserve at your earliest convenience as there are limited therapists.

When are final payments due?

Full payment: Early Bird balance due will be charged to your credit card on July 15, 2024. Regular Price reservations, the balance due will be charged to your credit card on Sept. 30, 2024.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations received before July 15, 2024 have a $200 cancellation fee.

For cancellations received July 16 – Sept. 30, 2024, we will provide a 50% refund.

For cancellations after Sept. 30, 2024 there is no refund. If we are able to find someone to replace you, we will refund some portion of the fees you paid.

Any questions?

For more information, or to talk further about this pilgrimage, please write to us. We’d love to answer any questions that you have.

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