Highlights of an Ananda Worldwide Community

Ananda Europa: Our Story

Ananda’s presence in Europe began in 1983 with the establishment of its first center near Lake Como, Italy. In 1986 it transferred to Assisi, and on 5 May, 1987 it opened its permanent center outside of Assisi, in the Umbrian hills.

Videos from the Past to Present

Experience Spiritual Community Living

Learn, Serve & Grow Spiritually at Expanding Light Retreat

In the Karma Yoga Ashram Program, you will get to serve in an uplifted spiritual environment at the Expanding Light Retreat with fellow truth seekers. In addition to reaping the benefits of joyful service, karma yogis can participate in sadhanas, spiritual classes and put to practice yogic principles.

Find you Inner Silence at Meditation Retreat

Located in the beautiful sierra foothills, Ananda Meditation Retreat offers you an opportunity to find yourself through joyful service in a peaceful, idyllic setting. In exchange for meals, lodging, and yoga classes, Seva Yogis serve 20-30 hours per week at the retreat.

Experience Spiritual Community at Ananda Village

The Internship program gives you a full immersion experience of spiritual community living at Ananda Village. Interns get to apply their skills and learn new ones at different village departments such as Ananda Farms, Sustainability Community Management, Crystal Hermitage Gardens and Master’s Market. In the company of soul friends and supportive community members, interns experience how the spirit of simple living, high thinking and living servicefully can contribute to their happiness.

Serve with Joy at Ananda Assisi

Ananda Europa in Assisi, Italy offers a two-level karma yoga program for those who want to experience what it is like living in an Ananda community and following it’s path of service and meditation. The program’s focus on the practice of karma yoga, “dedicating your daily work, including thoughts and activities, as a spiritual offering to the Divine,” demonstrates that it is not so important what you do, but how you do it. In fact, any work can be of spiritual benefit, bringing us personal growth and joy, if it’s done with the right attitude.

Recommended Books


The Need for Spiritual Communities and How to Start Them by Swami Kriyananda

Swami Kriyananda’s network of Ananda communities has been hailed as the most successful in the world.

Good Morning Great Souls! by Gyandevi Fuller

The photographs, conversations, and stories in this book chronicle the experiences by people from around the world who are walking the path of Self-realization at Ananda Village.

Hope for a Better World! the Smail Communites Solution
by Swami Kriyananda( J. Donald Walters

In these turbulent times, a fresh approach to the creation of a truly viable society is desperately needed. This book leads the way.