“Most people’s attention is fixed solely on the cure of bodily diseases, because these are so tangible. They don’t realize that their mental troubles of fear, despair, bereavement, worry, violent anger, lack of self-control—and their spiritual suffering, through ignorance of the clue to the mystery and meaning of human life—are still more important and overpowering.

If the mind is free of the mental bacteria of anger, worry, fear, etc.—and the soul is free from ignorance—then no material disease or lack can follow.”
– Paramhansa Yogananda, Scientific Healing Affirmations, Crystal Clarity Publishers

The ordinary person sees only the confusing parts of creation but when there is harmony within, the soul knows the harmony that runs through creation.

When a person lacks inner harmony, they also feel a lack of it in the world. A mind in chaos finds chaos all around. How can one know what inner peace is like if they have never tasted it? Only the one who has inner peace can abide in this state even amidst outer discord.

Quiet Your Mental Restlessness

Paramhansa Yogananda recommended starting by quieting the outgoing mental restlessness and turning the mind within. He also recommended meditating deeply to harmonize our thoughts and desires to connect with our soul’s inherent harmony. Then we will be able to see the underlying harmony in our lives and in creation.

During meditation, the yogi feels the power of concentration in the will center at the point between the eyebrows, and also experiences a feeling of complete peace throughout the body.

When the yogi wants to burn negative thoughts and disharmony from the brain cells, they must direct that peace and concentration power to be felt in the entire brain. In this way, the brain cells become impregnated with peace and harmony.

Create a Peaceful and Harmonious Mind

Harmony conserves mental energy; disharmony dissipates it. If the mind is a battleground of thoughts fighting against thoughts, enough energy is consumed that could instead be used to find solutions.

By maintaining the harmony of thought, the more power we will have. If we allow opposing forces to pull at us from different directions, we will not be able to make progress. We need to be wise and constructively use our God-given energy, both mentally and physically in practicing the art of living in this world without losing our inner peace of mind.

Mental Purity

Harmony is born of love and wisdom and it is the result of a heart that is pure. A pure heart is the result of pure thoughts. Mental purity comes from a process of discrimination, where one sorts good thoughts from bad, rejecting the bad and dwelling always on the good.

Through repetition and action, discrimination becomes a virtuous habit. When the mental struggle of conflicting thoughts ceases, there arises in one’s life an outward as well as inward harmony.

Paramhansa Yogananda assures us that peace and harmony can reign in our world, but it starts with the individual. Each person’s inner world determines their happiness or unhappiness and is expressed in the world outside of themselves. Peace and harmony are the inherent nature of God and are His divine creations.

Start with Your Mind

You can burn to ashes all thoughts, desires, and emotions that are not worthy to be saved. Before you act to solve a problem in life, use wisdom and discrimination and harmonize it in your own mind.

Feel at Home with Yourself

We will find harmony with others by starting to feel at home and finding harmony within ourselves.

If a person does not get along with others, they do not get along with themselves. They are always at war inwardly. When the mind lacks harmony, it has no peace, and without peace, it lacks both judgment and wisdom.

Each human being is a soul, an individualized expression of God, intended to view creation as God does, to find the underlying harmony amidst disharmony, and to maintain that harmony within oneself.

Attune with Cosmic Harmony

Paramhansa Yogananda explained that disharmony arises from ignorance of divine unity, which is the heart of God pulsating in everything He has created. God is the love that flows through caring hearts, and the bliss that expresses as joy in all souls. Love and forbearance are essential to the growth of harmony. Love nurtures all things that grow; it harmonizes and unites.

All human souls, the world, the whole universe, are attuned to the cosmic eternal harmony of love. Release any thought that does not harmonize with the love and lawful ideals of God. Then, your whole life will be flooded with the light and bliss of Divine harmony.

Peace and Harmony Prayer

This is a prayer of Yogananda to practice when you are having difficulty with another person:

Visualize the person in question in the Divine Light and then pray from your heart “Lord, fill him/her/them with peace and harmony, peace and harmony.”

Repeat this over and over for about a minute. Then visualize yourself in a divine light and say “Lord, fill me with peace and harmony,” for 15 seconds.

Do this 5 times a day. 3 or 4 times might work, but 5 times practically never fails.

Please join me in A Practice for a Peaceful, Harmonious Mind:


  1. A beautiful and inspiring article, Diksha. Your wisdom is a channel for the light of God.

  2. Thank you for this beautiful article . It remind me how I can make my life more easy.

  3. Beautiful, deeply conveyed- thank you!
    I’m planning to visit Ananda in person this Spring- it will be wonderful to see my teachers in person once again-

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  5. Amazing Video dear Diksha. Double breath add energy & double exhale relax the body & mind gets calmer.Pause as you mentioned is very important.
    You are very calm & peaceful spiritual Teacher. Many are blessed to enjoy your teachings.
    Best wishes & regards.

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