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Bliss: The Supercure for Addictions

Addiction is often thought of as a disease — a disease that “someone else” has… In essence, the ego is an addict! The ego is the soul identified with the body. All addictions are attachments to things we think will provide happiness and fulfillment for us. An addiction is a compulsion, not a choice. The real toxicity of an addiction … Read More

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How the West Was (Spiritually) Won by Paramhansa Yogananda

Coming to America America 1920— The Roaring ’20s. The Jazz Age. A time of expansion, rapid social change, new technology, and numerous areas of growth. Words such as yoga, meditation, pranayama, gurus, or kundalini were virtually unknown.  Think for a moment about the music of the ’20s, flapper culture and fashion, American women gaining the right to vote, the end … Read More