I think that spiritual renewal calls for us to develop depth and stillness within the inner self. I think that most of us have an ocean of eternal faith and wisdom within us. This ocean is deep, deep down inside of us, and is not present on the surface.

I am currently reading a book called The Awakening.  It was originally published in 1899 by one of the earliest feminist writers, Kate Chopin. This book is extremely interesting to me because it defines how we all live in a dual world made up of fake components and an undefined reality. It explains how the main character, Edna begins to question the role of women during the Victorian Era. Women at that time were expected to be devoted to their children and worship their husbands. The author explores how music deeply influences Edna’s perceptions of society. Edna slowly begins to awaken from the ‘deep sleep’ of her ignorance and focuses on the renewal of her thoughts and ideas. She changes from being a confused woman in a demeaning life to one who recognizes her own strengths. She begins to construct her own life through her awakened identity.

This book gave me a good example of renewal and awakening. It also made me think about what spiritual renewal every day truly means. Does it mean to cleanse ourselves of outward impurities and distractions? Does it mean to have a new, evolved consciousness?

Daily spiritual renewal to me looks like waves in the ocean racing each other to the shore in their attempt to gain confidence. In the oscillations of each wave, there are notes of eternal freedom. They hint at the renewal of ideas, thoughts, and ultimately— oneself. There is nothing that remains stagnant, not nature, not people, and not our thoughts.

Inner Renewal

This process of inner renewal is one of the most intuitive and significant journeys that we as characters in this ‘dream of life’ can experience. It is an important and transformative process of change, evolution, and understanding.

Honestly, when I began to think about this concept it felt somewhat familiar and already embedded in my understanding. It was not something I had openly discussed but after exploring related themes, I thought about some questions to ask myself to deepen my understanding:

    1. Is my thinking correct? If not, how can I be more open, receptive, and improve?
    2. How are tough outer circumstances creating inner storms within me? If these ‘storms’ start affecting my energy and concentration, what can I do to find balance in my life?
    3. Are my actions defined and based on what others think is right and justified, or are my actions based on what I feel to be true and right about myself?
    4. Do my words and thoughts reflect my true self? If not, how can I channel a higher level of consciousness into my words, thoughts, and actions?
    5. Am I dealing with the current turmoil and challenges in my life in the best manner? If I feel overwhelmed by emotional whirlpools, how can I keep myself calm and centered?

I have asked myself these questions and I think about the ways that we all can improve ourselves. Spiritual renewal is about discovering our true passions and finding ways to develop them. For example, practicing the guitar or maintaining a healthy routine can support someone in getting through times. More than superficial ideas, our true passions bring out the intuitive power and higher wisdom within us.

Key elements for spiritual renewal also include building a stronger daily meditation routine, practicing breathing techniques and yoga.

Some teenagers tend to think of spirituality as something to avoid. Many do not understand that being spiritual has nothing to do with religion. Spirituality does not mean attending sermons or following a rigid rulebook or getting punishments if you make mistakes. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Spirituality can teach us how to learn from our mistakes and how to improve ourselves.  This does not happen through competition or comparison. We can set goals for ourselves to achieve through practice and with guidance and support.

My Journey as a Teen

I was a teenager embedded in a sea of difference. I remember a few years ago when I was in the 7th grade. This was when I first realized that spirituality had become an essential aspect of my identity. I was a self-conscious 7th grader. I kept my meditation practices a secret from most of my friends.

One day in the 9th grade, I felt the sudden inspiration to share the experiences I had with one of my close friends that I trusted. I felt so much lighter after sharing my spiritual interests with her. If you are a spiritual teenager, it does not mean that you have to shout it out to everyone in the world as it may not be well-received by all. It also does not mean that you have to keep yourself in the shadows out of the fear of social rejection. Learning who to share my spirituality with was another important experience for me.

I am completely open now and proud to share my beliefs and opinions without the fear of ‘what will they think of me’ or ‘will they still talk to me.’ If we stay focused on listening to irrational thoughts – the ‘what if’s’ in our minds, we will struggle to evolve.

Spiritual renewal is a rigorous and continuous process through which we can discover more about what we feel is right and true about us as individuals. This renewal can escalate our development and make us reach new heights of growth on the physical and spiritual planes.

These last few lines are something that I wrote a few days ago that I feel summarizes the essence of what spiritual renewal is for me:

Trust the divine ocean within, trust the process and trust your true Self. When you are unsure, do not assume – instead ask questions inside yourself. You already know the answers. Through skillful questioning and deep concentration, you can submerge yourself within the ocean of light and eternity. This will lead you to the true answers you are looking for…Trust the divine ocean within, trust the process, and trust yourself.

* * *

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  1. There is hope for the new generation! Very inspiring to read such a heartfelt message! Thank you!

  2. Monmohini…you are truly an advanced soul, far beyond your current years in this incarnation. I am so awed by your energy, your understanding and your accomplishments. May you continue to grow and share your gifts with others.

  3. You are an inspiration and hope for our future! i enjoyed the reading and found it to be relatable .My jaws fell when i saw it coming fr a 15 y/o writer! That is truly amazing . You are far advanced in your years of wisdom.

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