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Unlocking Children's Inner Potential with Education for Life

We are overjoyed to share the results of a new initiative, the integration of the Education for Life (EFL) approach into established schools. The video features two CBSE schools in Gurugram, India, yet the program demonstrates that the child-centered principles of EFL could be integrated in any enthusiastic school in the world.

About EFL:

Education for Life is a transformative approach to education that prioritizes the holistic development of each child. Over the course of 50 years, we have seen that fostering a joyful and uplifting learning environment leads to the most successful outcome for students. This approach involves entering the child's world, using meditation techniques to boost confidence and calmness, and empowering educators to unlock their own potential before imparting knowledge to students.

Life skills and character development are at the forefront, emphasizing that a positive mindset and inner growth are keys to success in any field. Education for Life's Inspired Schools program is not just an add-on class, but rather a continuous process integrated into all subjects, making a profound and lasting transformation in education. Education for Life is more than an approach to education. It's a vision for the future of education.