Devotion Is the Key

Badri Matlock shares this beautiful inspiration during his Sunday Service talk at Ananda Village, February 21st 2021. 

Can Man See God?

Sunday Service with Badri Matlock and Nayaswami Ananta and Maria at Ananda Village recorded February 21th 2021.  (The music is taken from earlier recordings.)

Energization Exercises of Paramhansa Yogananda Medium Pace

“The whole purpose of true exercise is to awaken the inner source of energy which we have ignored throughout our lives.” —Paramhansa Yogananda The Energization Exercises, as taught in the Ananda Course in Self-Realization, are a wonderful system of exercises originated by Paramhansa Yogananda. They are, undoubtedly, his unique contribution to the science of yoga. Based on ancient teachings and … Read More

Rise in Freedom

Bring light and positive energy into the world! Join us from Ananda Village in singing Swami Kriyananda’s song “Rise in Freedom” and uplift your spirit in these challenging times, then share it with everyone. Lyrics: Nothing on earth can hold me, Rise, O my soul, in freedom. Nothing on earth can hold me, Rise, O my soul, in freedom. Rise, … Read More