How To Protect Baby from Evil – Spiritual Protection for Baby


When my son was few months old,I think he had nightmares. Suddenly he would wake up and cry uncontrollably.Once he was looking at the curtain intently as if someone is there and he won’t sleep.I am told babies do have nightmares.Even now sometimes he wakes up crying as if he had a nightmare.I dreamt one night that an evil spirit is trying to harm us while we were asleep and I held him close and chanted babaji’s name.was it a test of my faith or some indication?How do I protect my son(1.5 yrs)?

—Devika, India


Thank you for your question and for your loving concern for your baby. Your question raises several concerns, and I want to offer to your some practical yet powerful suggestions.

Babies, who are fresh from the astral world, can often see things that most of us cannot readily see. from what you describe, it is quite possible that your baby saw something frightening or had nightmares. The solution is to increase the spiritual light around the baby and in your home in general. That can be done by praying for the baby, as well as through your own meditation and devotion. I would suggest hanging some holy pictures such as those of our line of Masters, in the babies room at the heard of the bed. Holy pictures and holy books have a spiritual aura that is helpful in offering blessed protection in sleep.

Another consideration is the direction in which you sleep. Place the head of the bed to face either east or south. East is best as it is conducive for spiritual blessings; south is helpful for health. Both of these are positive. When a person sleeps with the head (pillow) at the west end of the bed, it can lead to restless sleep and bad dreams. This is due to larger earth currents. This is a deep topic that comes from the ancient teachings of India. Yogananda shared these basic concepts of Vastu in his original teachings.

You will find many additional tools for spiritual protection in this article:

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Sometimes these tests do occur on the spiritual path. Use them as a reminder to increase the light in your own being an in your home. I found it ver helpful as a mom to keep spiritual music and chanting playing in our home. It can be very soothing for the baby and for you to play this AUM very softly through the night.

Please also feel free to request healing prayers when you are feeling spiritual challenges such as you describe. Prayers are a powerful way to increase the light and to hopefully receive guidance on any changes that need to be made in your environment.

Mary Kretzmann
Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry