Will Organ Donation Help with One’s Salvation?


Question from Gordon: I have a very old friend (late seventies) and other than being old, is in mostly good health. In his mind there is nothing here for him in this world (wife the only family). His parting would really not be missed for the most part, but he knows that, according to the Christian religion, “suicide” is the unforgivable sin. His…

Why Did Jesus Turn Water to Wine?


Question from LIZ COBB: It always perplexed me that Jesus turned the water into wine at the wedding feast. His Mother asked him to do it. I don’t understand why she would ask Jesus to do it when alcohol is not recommended on the spiritual path. Paramahansa Yogananda said “No Alcohol or drugs”.

Education vs. Spirituality


Question from Anonymous: I’m a CA student & failing the final exam since last 4 years as I haven’t studied for the exams at all each time & have given the exams just for the sake of giving. 3 years back, a random event attracted me to spirituality. Since then till date, whenever I get my study leave from office, instead of studying…

Psychic Energy “Attacks”


Question from Petals: Hello. I am associated with a spirtual organization which is very good and the teachings are amazing but I get very negative vibes from the people who are managing it. I feel very dirty energy from them but how is this possible? They practice advanced techniques and have cleaner aura and chakras but its getting difficult for me to even…

Founders of the United States of America


Question from Siddharth Kumar: On the Seal of USA, there are 5-pointed stars, with blue background and golden border. That’s the star of Christ consciousness! What is that doing on the seal of USA? Was America made by enlightened masters? Did enlightened masters take the birth of American founding fathers? Why multiple stars?

Destiny of India


Question from Abhay Sanjeevan: For last 1000 years,my country was invaded,looted,killed.Now people shame and abuse us for being dirty and poor.My country was divided many times.Our culture is dead. India’s culture is being replaced with culture of Arabs.India has failed.Where do I find optimism?If spirituality can’t work in India,will it work elsewhere?Has God abandoned India?Will dharma ever prevail in India again?India considered world to…

I Have Autism and These Are My Questions


Question from Kyle: Hi, I have autism. Who is my guardian angel? Who is my past life? Why can’t I dream, feel inwardly, etc? Why am I so harsh on myself? Will I have someone to love again, even though my requests are well, weird?

Are All Religions Equal?


Question from Siddharth Kumar: There are some religions out there which are very violent. We can talk about unity of all religions all day but there is this one religion that clearly states that all other religions must be eliminated. Even a blind man can see the terrible things happening in the middle east. If we go out in the sun and close our…

Evidence of God’s Presence


Question from Michel Metni: Please tell me if I am right: I often tell my friends that the greatest evidence of God presence within is through the miraculous jobs our organs are doing every second without any attention from our side, with a precision that goes beyond our ability. Moreover, since all organs get their command from the brain, the brain is directed with…