Dreaming of a Calm Ocean


Question from Niraj: Respected Sir/Madame, I saw an ocean in my dream yesterday. Waves were calm and steady. Is it a spiritual indication? If so, what does it indicate?

My dream filled me with happiness


Question from Aivar: Hi. What does it mean if I see guru in a dream? I saw in my dream Sadhguru? He smiled and laughed. And I felt happiness even more :) It is not my first time seeing him.

Do We Each Create Our Own Universe?


Question from Santosh Singh: If I am all universe or solar system then another person feels same, so each one is carrying a separate universe, so concept of each one is everything i false? If there is supreme existence then why these states of world, dreams etc are made by supreme existence again and again. Doesn’t he get tired doing it every day and…

I Want to Activate My 5th Chakra


Question from Serene kk: When i m concentrating on head n spine n i can see the light on third eye chakra but i want to activate vishudhi chakra….how n when i can do it…

Faith in God


Question from jhr: Why should I believe God loves me when he /she never helps me? They say God is almighty but because you don’t have 100% faith he can not do something. Is he that weak? If that is so, that you need to have 100% faith to get help, I think it’s not God that answers your prayers but yourself. I…

I want to learn astral projection


Question from Aditya: I need answers about astral projection. I believe it’s true and exists. I want to learn it. I spoke to many people but in vain. I don’t know whom to ask. Hoping I get help from you. Thank you.



Question from Siddharth Kumar: How is our current Dwapara yuga different from the last Dwapara yuga? Were there smartphones, Internet and other similar technologies in the last Dwapara yuga? And is the change of yugas always catastrophic?

Money and Happiness – Can we have both?


Question from Tanya: What causes attachment to money? How is it that a person who has grown old working hard all his life to earn, yet is so attached to money that he can’t spend on himself, on his needs, will be able to enjoy money?

I Had a Peculiar Vision In Which My Thoughts Manifested As Reality. How Should I View It?


Question from Gambino: Hello. One warm evening in 2017, I walked along a street. in a very high state of consciousness. I met 2 strangers. They walked to my direction and as I looked at them, I saw how they changed. They transformed from an old couple to a father and daughter. I didn‘t even think about that in a way that this…

How Do I Consciously Leave the Body?


Question from Andreas: How does one learn how (techniques, focus, practice) to leave life consciously? I am very sick and will not survive too much longer (I have a brain tumour) need chemo for another issue (HCV), and suffer severe muscle pain. I have begun to lose balance, sight and hearing from brain tumour; and I have begun having difficulties eating. I do…

Blind Faith and Skepticism


Question from A0: Is blind faith a good or a bad thing? Is it better to be sceptical or should you believe everything Yogananda says blindly?

How Should I Pray?


Question from Shefali: I have started feeling people’s energy. When it discomforts me, I start praying to God. How should I pray?

The Road Ahead – Yogananda’s Predictions


Question from Kailash: Did Swamiji ever tell when specifically will all the trials and disasters take place in the future? How can those who aren’t able to live in communities (as of yet) be prepared for it, both materially as well as spiritually? That is, should we just go our own way and trust in God, or are there things that we would…

Interpreting Your Dreams


Question from kshama: I visualize dreams which turn TRUE, last 2 months back I heard a devotional song and unexpectedly had been to a place where the same song I heard. Also I dream God, please inform what is it.

Overcoming Poor Workplace Habits


Question from GPM: I’m in a field of work that I enjoy very much. But I’ve been asked to leave nearly every job I’ve worked. I’ve made good efforts overcoming poor habits — and the affects, through the help of professionals, of mental illness and addiction. As well as nail biting. Jai Guru! As of late, I’ve tried to see God as the…

Do I Have Spiritual Abilities?


Question from Samantha: I want to know if what I experience is a common thing, do I have a gift or is there a spirit trying to communicate with me I would like to know if I have any abilities. The spiritual world has always interested me. I am a collector of dreamcatchers. Here are some things I’ve experienced. My uncle passed away…

Astrology Says I Will Die Soon. What Should I Do?


Question from Raj Singh: Two brahmins – one at my birth and the other a year ago – told me that I’ll die at an early age as i have ‘alaf’. I am 16 currently, and it was told to my mom that i might die anytime from now, so i wanted to ask if anything could be done to save my life, or…

What Is a Gut Feeling? Is It True Intuition?


Question from A: What is the difference between intuition at the spiritual eye, heart, and abdomen? Most people I know refer to intuition as a gut feeling, but I feel intuition as an inner knowing in the heart area. Would sudden inspiration be the spiritual eye or crown chakra?