Why Shouldn’t I Expect Results On the Spiritual Path?


Namaste! In a previous post the Nayaswami addressed desire for results as a quality that must be overcome. But the yogic path is scientific in nature and thus results are not only promised, but expected. My question and concern is this, if we cant expect results, what prevents the seeker to keep doing actions in blind faith, but probably in error if he is not encouraged to test his efforts by results? And second how can we be certain that our teachings are correct and true if results aren' seen.

—Angel Feliciano, Puerto rico


Dear Angel,

You may expect general results, but not specific ones.

Yes, the yogic path is scientific, but it’s not like a house you construct: I put this brick here and that beam there, and the result will be just as I planned. It doesn’t work like that.

It works like this: You put out the effort, you meditate, you work on yourself, and then give the result in God’s hands. Whatever He gives, you take.

Again: you should expect that changes will occur, that general results will come: that something happens to your life, inwardly or outwardly. That your personality changes, your way of acting, feeling, perceiving. In meditation, that somehow the Divine Presence draws closer to you.

Just don’t be too specific: “I want to see this in meditation”, or “I want to experience that.” This attitude closes your openness to the universe and its gifts. It is too much “I control it all.”

With mind-power you can obtain objective results in the outer world, but the inner world has much to do with receptivity. Practice and receive whatever comes. Be open. Be a child of the Divine.

If no results at all come in your spiritual life, yes, something is wrong. But which ones come, that you should leave up to a higher Intelligence.

May your life be filled from within,