Tuning into the Spiritual Eye


Question from Raja: There is a star in golden white light in my meditation. Can you explain to me what is the meaning?

Refining Meditation


Question from Raja: I saw black hole in my meditation. What the meaning? The black hole pulling on me, I tried to go inside but my heart beat too fast. So I tried to escape from there. Can youu explain to me?

Feeling Sensations and Pressure During Meditation


Question from Aparana Arjariya: I’m doing meditation and yoga from 1 month. I feel some pressure and tingling in my forehead and sometimes feel heat in my body and sometimes cold in my body. What is its meaning? What happened in my inner body?

Difficulty Watching the Breath


Question from Saeid: Hi. Six months ago, after a sudden awakening to the reality of who I am, I started meditation to move towards spirituality. However, recently whenever I focus on the sensation of the breathing on my nose, I feel a burst of energy going up from the rim of my nose, and soon I feel a sense of dullness and pressure…

Sitting position for meditation


Question from Rajesh Sharma: Greetings to Ananda. I have been practicing meditation for last four years. Now when I sit in meditation in morning I feel like a kind of crown on my head and my body feels like vibrating after some time. But due to pain in my leg I can’t sit for longer duration. When I used to sit for longer duration…

Pressure at the forehead


Question from AC: I have been a Kriya Yoga practitioner for more than 4 years. Have also been practicing keeping attention at Kutastha throughout the day. Recently, I started feeling strong pressure sensation in the area around forehead both during meditation and during the day. I had to stop meditation and now, I am unable to concentrate at Kutastha even for a second…

Where is the Point Between the Eyebrows


Question from Gustavo Vásquez: I really do not know where exactly the third eye is located, because they say “between the eyebrows”, but from seeing images I draw the conclusion that is actually more in the middle of the forehead or in the middle of the distance between the middle of the forehead and the line of the eyebrows. I think I need a…

Spiritual eye colors


Question from Spiritual Seeker: After Hong Sau technique I meditate on the Om sound that comes from within. After listening different kinds of Anahat Naad I see a black dot with orange circumference. It looks like an orange ring in dark like solar eclipse. I don’t see blue/white sphere or colours. What is It? Am I on wrong track? I also feel gravitational pull…

How to Deal with Stress


Question from Uma nair: I have been meditating for past 10 months. The results are tremendous. But sometimes there is lot of stress — work-related, and also fear about the outcome regarding the mistakes done. Please help: how it can be solved with meditation?

How Do I Calm My Mind?


Question from deepraj joshi: I am not able to meditate up to the mark. All the unwanted and negative thoughts of my bad karma always hinder my mind. Please advise how to make my mind calm and free of thoughts.

Movement During Meditation


Question from Julia: Hi, when I sit and meditate I wiggle or sway a bit from side to side. Not very violently but I feel like it’s in the rhythm of my heart beat and it originates from my saccral bone. I don’t have to be in deep mediation for it to occur. It’s enough with just sitting. What can the causes be?

Pressure in the Head During Meditation


Question from Apoorva Chandra: While developing the habit of keeping attention at Kutastha, I am experiencing strong unpleasant pressure in the forehead. It is now happening unconsciously as well throughout the day. Please help me get over it. I have stopped meditation due to this but it is still happening.

How to Ask a Question During Meditation


Question from Laxmi ranga: Om guru I want to ask that Lahiri mahasaya says solve all your problems thru meditation but when I do I find really myself very impatient means when I just sit to meditate without any desire it lasts long n comforting but when I want a solution it last very short n I become impatient .so how to get some…

How to Commune with God?


Question from Tanya: I close my eyes and sit in relax position but I am unable to meditate. How to meditate? It becomes more of a communication with myself and self offering to the almighty.

Choosing the Right Spiritual Path


Question from Seema Chopra: How will I come to know that spiritual path I am following is right? I am meditating for the last 6-7 months , initially I had experiences, but now they have slowed down. I feel much drowsy and feel continuous heaviness for hours in my brain as it is being squeezed or expanded .