Movement During Meditation


Question from Chidambaram Venkateswaran: When I meditate, sitting upright in chin mudra my body is forcibly pushed backwards after 10- 15 minutes to assume a savasana pose with chin mudra in place. Subsequently, my head and neck start moving clockwise and counter clockwise continuously with occasional body movements. I feel good after the meditation and feel like I am intoxicated and sometimes feel like…

Is the Inner Light Something To Be Concerned About?


Question from Bobby Ong: When I was young, I experienced my soul coming out after an ancient Indian monk called my name. He taught me meditation skills after which, I started to practice. When I was around the age of 30, I suddenly saw a small golden pill rising up from my bottom to my forehead . The golden pill suddenly became a large…

Sounds Heard in Meditation


Question from Ridham Gupta: When I meditate after few minutes some sound attacks in my ears. If I concentrate on it I realize it increases. Should I focus on that sound? Please elaborate what is the role of the sound in the meditation?

Feeling Heat and Difficulties with My Eyes in Meditation


Question from Samsam: I started meditating last year. Once during meditation in one of your houses, I experienced a lot of heat in my spine. I got rid of my blanket & sweatshirt. I was so hot that I did not feel well. Up until that point, I would meditate gazing slightly upwards, first there was a lot of flickering, but then with…

Experiences During Meditation


Question from Saeid: I am meditating for 6-7 months. Recently, I feel a huge kundalini energy flowing from the lower ckakras and hitting my forehead (which I enjoy and have no issue with at all). However, I am almost unable to focus on my breath and get easily distracted by the huge energy pressure on my head. My question is: should I turn…

Heat as a Result of Meditation


Question from Baba: Despite of taking bath I feel a lot of heat in my body all the time. When I started meditation 5 months ago it was normal but now I feel my body warm all the day and night. Can you help me in this regard?

Deepening Hong-Sau


Question from Ashok: I am a beginner in meditation and desire to know as to how concentrate on spiritual eye while sit on stillness after performing hong sau. Should I do it through only gazing or only mind or only breathing? I am really confused and need your help.

Focus on the Spiritual Eye


Question from Kenny: When I meditate and focus on the spiritual eye with my eyes closed, my eyes keep opening automatically and thus, my mediation is disturbed. It always happens when I am relaxed so is this maybe natural? Should I try meditating with my eyes open or should I “teach” my eyes to stay closed while focusing on the spiritual eye? Please…

Gazing at the Spiritual Eye


Question from Tushar: I can’t gaze at the spiritual eye. Imagining a mountain or gazing at thumb did not work for me.

Listening to AUM


Question from Alia: I hear aum sound from my right ear. Please tell me how to concentrate on that sound.