Should I Listen to the “Sound of Silence?”



Dear Master
I have been trying to meditate for some time. Now from several days I can hear "sound of silence". I do not know how to explain it completely. But I can hear it all the time throughout whole day. Even if I am working I can hear it or if I turn my intention inwards within seconds I can hear it.

My question is should I focus myself on it or just leave it in the background. Also sometimes I can hear my heartbeat and it becomes very loud.


—Rajan, India

Dear Rajan,
Thank you for your question. It could be that you are hearing the sound of AUM or the sounds of one more of the chakras. It can be helpful to listen to this sound during meditation. Yoganandaji taught, for example, a meditation technique that involves concentrates on this sound (or similar sounds).
You can also listen to the sound during the day, if it is enjoyable, when you are not involved in other work.
You might like to read more about AUM and the chakras in, for example, Autobiography of a Yogi.
Joy to you,
Nayaswami Dharmarajan