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Yoga and Astrology

Hello V, Did you know that Sri Yukteswar studied astrology? It is quite commonly used by many on the path of yoga. Many folks wear bangles to help guard against the affects of the planets and energy in general. In ... Read More

Being with a Dying Loved One – as a Kriya Yogi

Dear Diana, Being present with anyone is, of course, most important. What does it mean to be present? To be aware. Be aware of your feelings as well as the feelings of the one you are with. Focus your attention ... Read More

Was Babaji Lord Krishna?

Dear Mangesh, Was Mahavatar Babaji or Ramakrishna Paramhansa an incarnation of Lord Krishna? I think some questions, such as this one, must remain unanswered until we, ourselves, attain omniscience. Until we have direct realization, we can only go by what ... Read More

Duty to Family and Duty to God

Dear Raju, Thank you for your question. I’m sorry to hear of your difficult past. I’m glad that the Internet is helping you to make a living. I appreciate the dilemma you’re in. When considering duty, we have to balance ... Read More

Burning up the seeds of past bad karma

Dear Joydeep, The important thing for you to look at in the situation that you have described is that the “attack of fear” occurred after you began intensifying your spiritual practices. What holds us in delusion and separates us from ... Read More

Intuition and Superconsciousness

Intuitive insight is an expression of superconsciousness. This is developed by a deep, regular practice of meditation. The more we concentrate at the higher chakras – especially the spiritual eye and the heart center – the more we are able ... Read More

Yogananda’s Bible interpretations

Dear J, It being so near to Christmas, this is an opportune time to consider the distinction between Jesus, the historical religious figure, and the Christ. Yogananda explainsthat the “Christ Consciousness” is a state of inner realization that had been ... Read More

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