How Yoga Will Save the World

We cannot overcome today’s challenges by meeting them at the level that they exist, we must rise above them to find superconscious solutions. I spent the last fifteen years working for humanitarian organizations, striving to provide education, dignity, and opportunity to disenfranchised populations around the world. Progress in the realm of the human condition has been incredible since the Millennium … Read More

I Found Attunement to Babaji by Making the Ananda Meditation App

My path is devotional. After reading about Divine Mother in Autobiography of a Yogi, I had found my ticket to bliss. First I found love for Her through the trees, as I would walk to work through the streets of Los Angeles. Then, once I found Her in my own heart, accessible anytime anywhere, I understood that I needed no … Read More

Millennial Meditations: 3 Reasons to Use the Ananda Meditation App

I’m a longtime meditator, so when Ananda launched it’s new meditation App I thought, “Cool, glad there is something for beginners.” I was terribly wrong. The new meditation App is changing my meditations, and thus, changing my life. The key is to use the “Custom Meditation” section in the App…it’s AMAZING. Here’s why: Inspiration: Like many meditators, I suffer from … Read More

Humble Pie and Writing a Wrong

Life has a knack for humbling you. A few people might not experience the humility gained in a life well-lived, but the rest of us know what it means to think, “Oh yeah, I got this,” only to smack, cartoon style, into an unnoticed wall. I had a moment like that recently when I thought I had created something awesome … Read More

Introspection and Journal Writing Suggestions

Paramhansa Yogananda said that meditation is the “jet plane route to Self-realization.” Meditation, however must be balanced with selfless service, for most of us cannot spend all of our time in meditation. Divine Mother (as Yogananda used to refer to God) knows this, and has arranged it so the many lessons we need to learn are offered to us in … Read More

Growing Up Ananda: How a Bunch of Hippies Got it Right

I was born and raised in a spiritual intentional community. To answer your first question, yes, I loved it. If you google “intentional community” and try to find a glowing testimonial from a child raised in one, you’ll most likely find none. I certainly haven’t. Every article I’ve ever read has been from someone who is coming to grips with … Read More

Starving Artist

I walked out of Master’s Market at Ananda Village on a summer day in 1978, wondering how I could make the money to buy a new camera. Digging in my jeans pocket, I found thirty-four cents – the extent of my net worth. We lived simple lives, free of electricity and indoor plumbing, just kerosene lanterns and outhouses. I worked … Read More

Generosity is Genetic: The Yoga of Prosperous Parenting

This week my husband and I did our annual budget. With two kids and barely-above-the-poverty-line salaries, this might be a terrifying experience, but for us it is not. For us, our budget is a tangible experience of the Divine; an ongoing testament to the truth that, “a consciousness of abundance, attracts abundance,” as Swami Kriyananda taught. This year we were … Read More

Rock in the Snow Field

When we woke at 2:30 a.m., the tent seemed smaller than it had when we crawled in to sleep a few hours earlier. It had begun to snow and the walls were caving in. For the rest of the night, we thumped the nylon periodically to keep the snow from accumulating and collapsing the tent. We were sleepless, but not … Read More

Peace and Harmony for the U.S. Elections

As I was leaving my house on Saturday to go for a walk around the pond near my home, I spoke briefly with my landlord. He was sharing his anxiety around the upcoming elections and the “ugliness” that has become more visible in our country as a result. He and his wife were leaving town to assist with a campaign … Read More

My Name is Gratitude

If I were to choose a spiritual name for myself, it would have to be Gratitude. I started drinking in my early teens. Drugs came later, in the ’60s, just before I turned twenty. All my friends drank, and everything that happened after sundown involved drugs and alcohol. So we were more inclined to play loud music than to play … Read More

Yosemite Mountains: Soaring and Serene

“Mountains remote and still, hint at higher worlds unseen. So may our lives be, soaring and serene.” — Swami Kriyananda, in his song “Channels”. Listen to the song: The mountains in Yosemite are magical. One of the most grand and mystical ones is called Half Dome. It’s as if God made a slice with His knife, making it look almost … Read More

From Tantrums to Treats: Meditation with a Toddler

In a recent conversation with other yogi parents, I had a realization. It had been slowly creeping into my awareness, but now it solidified and it’s importance finally made sense. My spiritual practice affects my children, and if I want them to have a positive association with spirituality, I need to understand how they experience it. This reality began with … Read More

I See You!

I said nervously, “He sounds creepy.” My son is a young adult who feels every conversation has unseen potential for self-discovery and conversations with strangers hold huge adventure potential. I tend to be introverted and protective of my comfort zone and since he doesn’t share either of those traits, a “stranger” becomes a friend as soon as he knows their … Read More

Finding the Path of Kriya Yoga

All the way up the winding staircase on the fifth floor of a brownstone townhouse in Boston, I sat in my dorm room reading about Kriya Yoga in Paramhansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi. My father had given me his copy of the Autobiography when I was home on winter break, worried about my health — physically, mentally, and spiritually. I had … Read More

Farewell, Dear Friends

As my partner, Ken, faced imminent death some years ago, I suggested he make a videotape, saying “I love you, and goodbye” to his family and friends. Forty minutes long, it was the highlight of his funeral! I determined to make one myself some day. Isn’t that what’s been missing from every memorial service you’ve ever attended? The dearly beloved, … Read More

Nayaswami Brindey, Warrior of Light

My friend Brindey passed away on March 9, 2016, the morning of Sri Yukteswar’s mahasamadhi. It was an fitting transition for a warrior devotee who drew such strength from Sri Yukteswar’s life and teachings. Even as she died, a photo of him was resting on her body. After spending 25 years living away, Brindey returned to Ananda Village in the … Read More


I was once a part of a team writing spiritual curriculum for children and had the fascinating assignment of writing the story for the Easter lesson (read the story). It was fascinating and challenging because I was asked not to refer to the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ. This group took a more scholarly approach to the life of Christ … Read More

Ananda Village: Miracles All Around!

Who would not want to visit the Ananda village, especially after watching the Finding Happiness movie? By the grace of our gurus and master, I got the opportunity to be at Ananda Village for a few hours on a pleasant Tuesday in March. I started early from San Francisco at 7 am hoping to get to Ananda by 11. The … Read More

Hong-Sau: Mantra of Truth

Though it humbly poses as a “beginner’s meditation technique,” the Hong-Sau Technique packs quite a punch in the quest for freedom. Anyone who walks in the door at Ananda can learn this technique in five to ten minutes. It is simple and profoundly effective. However, as we continue to practice meditation and receive other techniques, this one can sometimes seem … Read More