The Vision

The Ananda Pavilion of Gratitude is a place that reflects our spiritual path of Self-realization and the understanding that Paramhansa Yogananda has given us about the transition from life with a physical body to life without one. This transition is part of “the soul’s long journey through time and space.”

As a reflection of this understanding, the Pavilion is a place of spiritual upliftment, of gratitude and remembrance, and of meditation, prayer and memorial services. It is a place to reflect on and remember the truth of our own deepest reality: That we are souls that are part of the all-pervading, ever-existing Divine consciousness.

The Site

The Pavilion is situated in a “forest garden” that includes a beautiful area of oak trees and a view of Lotus Lake. The open air Pavilion has benches and a beautiful altar with statues on either side of Babaji and Yogananda.

In 1993 this site was blessed by Swami Kriyananda during a large event at Ananda Village called the Pilgrimage to Joy. At that time the site was designated for a Chapel of Divine Inspiration which wasn’t able to be built at that time. Now, 25 years later, through the Pavilion of Gratitude, we are able to enjoy the wonderful blessings of this site.

Dedication of the Pavilion of Gratitude

The Pavilion of Gratitude was dedicated on Sunday, June 16, 2019, following a Sunday Service in the Yogananda Amphitheater. There was a procession with chanting around Lotus Lake that ended at the Pavilion on the far side of the lake. The statues of Babaji and Master were carried in the procession and then placed on their pedestals at each side of the altar with a rose placed on each statue.

Nayaswami Parvati led a prayer and then said a few words about the Pavilion. One of the purposes of it is to attune more deeply to the soul’s transition at death from a physical body to the astral realms and beyond. Paramhansa Yogananda described this transition in detail and talked about ways to understand its significance. These can be found in The Wisdom of Yogananda, Volume 2, Karma & Reincarnation.

More dedication photos @

Memorial Donations

The funds to build and maintain the Pavilion of Gratitude are provided by Memorial donations to the Ananda Janaka Foundation. Further development of this special area will develop from future donations.  All donations are gratefully welcomed.

Online memorial donations can be made on the Ananda Janaka Foundation website, Ananda Remembers page, or mailed to the address below.

For more information on the Ananda Janaka Foundation please visit with us @ or  contact us  directly at the office.

We hope you will enjoy visiting the Pavilion of Gratitude during your time at Ananda Village

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