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Temple of Light Seva Week (May 2019)

We had a several day Seva week late May 2019 where folks from many communities joined in with Ananda Village residents to put in landscaping and many other projects around the new Temple of Light.

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Ananda Assisi – International Spiritual Retreat of Yoga, Meditation and Self-discovery

Located in the beautiful Umbrian hills near Assisi, Italy, the Ananda Center offers many programs based on the principles of Kriya Yoga and Self-realization, which were brought to the Western world by Paramhansa Yogananda, author of the spiritual classic, Autobiography of a Yogi. His direct disciple Swami Kriyananda, the founder of Ananda communities in the United States, Europe and India, … Read More

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How Yoga Will Save the World

We cannot overcome today’s challenges by meeting them at the level that they exist, we must rise above them to find superconscious solutions. I spent the last fifteen years working for humanitarian organizations, striving to provide education, dignity, and opportunity to disenfranchised populations around the world. Progress in the realm of the human condition has been incredible since the Millennium … Read More

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I Found Attunement to Babaji by Making the Ananda Meditation App

My path is devotional. After reading about Divine Mother in Autobiography of a Yogi, I had found my ticket to bliss. First I found love for Her through the trees, as I would walk to work through the streets of Los Angeles. Then, once I found Her in my own heart, accessible anytime anywhere, I understood that I needed no … Read More

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Millennial Meditations: 3 Reasons to Use the Ananda Meditation App

I’m a longtime meditator, so when Ananda launched it’s new meditation App I thought, “Cool, glad there is something for beginners.” I was terribly wrong. The new meditation App is changing my meditations, and thus, changing my life. The key is to use the “Custom Meditation” section in the App…it’s AMAZING. Here’s why: Inspiration: Like many meditators, I suffer from … Read More

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Humble Pie and Writing a Wrong

Life has a knack for humbling you. A few people might not experience the humility gained in a life well-lived, but the rest of us know what it means to think, “Oh yeah, I got this,” only to smack, cartoon style, into an unnoticed wall. I had a moment like that recently when I thought I had created something awesome … Read More