Self-Expansion: Inspiration for the Week

Self-expansion is the essence of all aspiration. Why do we seek to possess things? Because by acquisition we imagine we’ll expand our dominion. Why do we seek to learn more? Because we think by enlarging our knowledge to expand our understanding. And why do we seek ever new experiences? Because we believe that, through them, we’ll expand our awareness. When … Read More

Concentration: Inspiration for the Week

Concentration: Inspiration for the Week Concentration is the secret of success in every undertaking. Without concentration, thoughts, energy, inspiration, purpose-all one’s inner forces-become scattered. Concentration is the calm focus of one’s full attention on the purpose at hand. Concentration means more than mental effort: It means channeling your heart’s feelings, your faith, and your deep aspirations into whatever you are … Read More

Class 73: Autobiography of a Yogi

After spending some time with Luther Burbank in Los Angeles, we make our way to Germany to have darshan of Therese Neumann, the Catholic Stigmatist of Bavaria (Chapter 39).

Non-Injury: Inspiration for the Week

Non-Injury: Inspiration for the Week Non-injury is a fundamental rule in the spiritual life. It means primarily an attitude of mind. Outwardly, one cannot avoid doing a certain amount of injury-for example, to flying insects when driving one’s car. The harm one does, however, by wishing harm to others hurts not only them, but even more especially, oneself. Spiritually, a … Read More

Consideration for Others: Inspiration for the Week

Consideration for others is one of the marks of a refined spirit. Many people on the spiritual path feel that, since it is within that they are seeking the kingdom of God, and since they are working at developing a spirit of non-attachment, it doesn’t matter how they express themselves to others. Indeed, their inconsiderateness is an affirmation of their … Read More

Gratitude Kirtan

Let us celebrate this time of Thanksgiving, by first offering our love and gratitude to the Giver of all gifts! “Make every day a day of Thanksgiving, and continuous contentment will sparkle in your body, mind, and soul. The All-Sufficient One does not need the benefit of our thankful hearts, but when we are grateful to the Fountain of all … Read More

Gratitude: Inspiration for the Week

Gratitude: Inspiration for the Week Gratitude is a way of returning energy for energy received. Only a thief takes without paying for what he gets. And one who accepts a kindness without returning gratitude, as though the kindness were his by right, demeans both the giver and himself. He demeans the giver, because by ingratitude he implies that the kindness … Read More

PODCAST Season Finale: Episode 12: Kriya Yoga

As we close this season, we ask Narayani and Shurjo about the once-secret technique called Kriya Yoga, which Yogananda said is the Highway to God. What is Kriya Yoga? What is so special and powerful about it? Who is Mahavatar Babaji? Narayani and Shurjo shine a light on all these questions and more.