Yoga and Astrology


Hello, I was wondering how accurate are astrological readings? People have said that when certain planets are in retrograde on your chart, it may cause you to experience insecurities etc. For a long time, I just thought this was just nonsense... however when I look back at my life, almost all the major challenges I have faced seem to fall squarely at times when different planets were in retrograde! Now I'm puzzled..can you pls offer some insight on this? also how can we remain untouched ?



—V, India


Hello V,

Did you know that Sri Yukteswar studied astrology? It is quite commonly used by many on the path of yoga. Many folks wear bangles to help guard against the affects of the planets and energy in general. In the cycles of time, the yugas we see that our abilities in general are affected by the position of the planets relative to our dual sun and solar system. The tides of the oceans are affected by the moon. What to do?

in Yogananda’s poem Samadhi he says” All space floats like an iceberg in My mental sea. Colossal Container, I, of all things made. By deeper, longer, thirsty, guru-given meditation comes this celestial samadhi.”

The best thing that any of us can do to neutralize the waves of duality, is to meditate, be with those who meditate, and serve God by serving others. The cosmos is grand and so is Her energy. To know the Divine we have to aspire towards the Divine through guru given meditation. Love all, serve all, forgive all, and All will come to you.