What Does It take to Reach Liberation?


Question from pushkar: Yogananda stated that it is very difficult to reach liberation which is understandable. But he also stated that, “If you practice 1/100th of what I have taught you, you will reach God! In what reference did he make this statement?<

The Purpose of Life


Question from Ashutosh Tripathi: I recently gone through a period of emotional stress that created many problems for me like anxiety, depression and loneliness. But suddenly thoughts of life and death cropped up into my mind and i became too philosophical as one has to die one way, what happens after it, what is salvation or Moksh. I can’t share these questions with any…

Why Pray to God in Multiple Forms


Question from Esha: When we invoke or pray, we say supreme god…divine father and divine mother..then names of all the holy masters..saints or archangels and other divine beings. But supreme god is our parent. Why do we say divine father and divine mother then? Isn’t it the same spiritual being?

What Is the Difference Between a Saint and an Avatar?


Question from jas: What is the difference between Yogananda and a saint? I know that we that are devotees of Yogananda say he is one with God, an avatar, but what can he do that a saint can not? Why do we think he is more then just a saint. I know he said about himself: I was free long time ago. I…

How to Get Out of Delusion?


Question from Rich: There are so many questions I would like to ask about self realization and spirituality, there seems to be so many contradictions. The main question I am asking myself is how do I be content & accepting, ascend and freedom. Free from Maya, delusions, contradictions, needs, questioning, looking, hurting, unhappy, punished, wrong, lost, confused, poor, drained & draining karma? Look…

How to Find True Freedom?


Question from Michelle: I have been feeling confusion and a deep sadness everyday because I have a longing to live a life that is beyond any ordinary human life. I desire all forms of freedom but I feel like I don’t have freedom because of the duties of everyday life. Could this mean that my soul is wanting to obtain liberation from the…

Solutions for Feeling Unworthy


Question from Isaac: Hello. Ananda has helped me greatly thus far in my life. The problem I have been having I believe comes from the same root but is in two parts. I am having trouble with people judging me, when this happens I find myself comparing myself to others, this seems to perpetuate a feeling of unworthiness. How do I dispel others…