What Is the Difference Between a Saint and an Avatar?


Question from jas: What is the difference between Yogananda and a saint? I know that we that are devotees of Yogananda say he is one with God, an avatar, but what can he do that a saint can not? Why do we think he is more then just a saint. I know he said about himself: I was free long time ago. I…

How to Get Out of Delusion?


Question from Rich: There are so many questions I would like to ask about self realization and spirituality, there seems to be so many contradictions. The main question I am asking myself is how do I be content & accepting, ascend and freedom. Free from Maya, delusions, contradictions, needs, questioning, looking, hurting, unhappy, punished, wrong, lost, confused, poor, drained & draining karma? Look…

How to Find True Freedom?


Question from Michelle: I have been feeling confusion and a deep sadness everyday because I have a longing to live a life that is beyond any ordinary human life. I desire all forms of freedom but I feel like I don’t have freedom because of the duties of everyday life. Could this mean that my soul is wanting to obtain liberation from the…

Solutions for Feeling Unworthy


Question from Isaac: Hello. Ananda has helped me greatly thus far in my life. The problem I have been having I believe comes from the same root but is in two parts. I am having trouble with people judging me, when this happens I find myself comparing myself to others, this seems to perpetuate a feeling of unworthiness. How do I dispel others…

Are Vedantists and Buddhists Atheists?


Question from david snowdon: Believers in the Vedanta and Buddhism are not unlike atheists regarding end of life: it is dissolution of the self. The ‘awareness’ is not ours, it is God. I feel that the non-fundamental mind is being violated — the joke is on us. Your thoughts?

How Important Is Material Success on the Path to Self-Realization?


Question from Jeniffer: Question to N. Hriman. I know that my highest goal is to know God, thats why im on this path. But respecting to my worldly life I feel completly lost, that I’m not good at anything or I’m not Smart enought. I have failed in everything in life (28), in all my jobs too and now I´m without one. How…

Resurrection and Protection


Question from Pushkar: Greetings Gurudev, I have few questions. First I want to ask how masters are able to resurrect dead? Paramahansa protected his disciples on numerous occasions. Is it because they remembered him at the very moment? If suppose I fall in to some trouble will Yogananda come to my rescue? Or will I suffer due to my past karma? Thanking you…

Spiritual Eye


Question from Ramya: Hi, For a few days now, with my eyes open I see a small golden circle surrounding dark, (similar to the one I see during meditation or when i concentrate on the spiritual eye ) and at times i see a spark of blue light. But both come at their own wish and I am not able to find what…

What Is an Avatar? Why Is One Born?


Question from AP: Dear Ones. My question is about those souls who are not bound to return into birth/death cycle and yet come to earth according to their own will. Who are these souls? Are they already liberated? Are they same as what we know as ‘Avatars’? What could be their purpose of taking birth. I understand there can be many reasons and…

Where is my true home?


Question from Buddha: What is happening with me? Actually my consciousness has changed. Suddenly I’m developing hatred toward this planet Earth. I feel like this world is not my true home. I feel like my true home is somewhere else, far away from here. Sometimes I even start crying because I’m unable to go home. How can I go home? Please help me…

Why do I feel pain and longing for freedom inside myself?


Question from Ankit: I am 24, a graduate in Yoga and have been teaching Yoga as my profession to make a living. I also am regular to self yoga practice ( basic pranayama and asana). But this doesn’t complete me. Some pain hidden inside. A quest in me taking a deeper space now, more often I think how it feels to be free,…

Who is the Doer?


Question from krishna Sundarajoo: If there as a person called Joe, let’s say, who has a soul or atma. I understand that the Lord residing in him is the Doer. Who, then, is the witness of everything that happens in Joe’s life?

Moksha and Liberation: How Can We Know?


Question from Rajesh B Unni: Dear Sir, My wife passed away on 1st Feb, 2017. She was only 38. We have being together for 19 years. We got our first child late at 2008, then we got 2nd child at 2011 and 3rd child at 2013. Now I and my 3 children age of 8, 5 and 3 are suffering. My childrens lost there mother,…

Sharing Spiritual Insights


Question from APS: Hi Ananda Family, My Question: How should we react and act when we start to get the glimpses of spiritual gifts like knowing someone’s thoughts/mind, getting to know at exact moment about distant events. Should we share with others? Even out of excitement? Also how to start working on them so that it can be of service to others and…

The Purpose of Life


Question from Adit: What is purpose of my life. I find it totally meaningless if i am the soul then why i am here on this planet. People say self realization is the supreme goal of the file but why was i sent to this planet if i was already perfect (The Soul)

Three Questions About Yogananda’s Energization Exercises


Question from Kailash: Hello divine yogis! 1) My sincere appreciation to Barbara Bingham for the energization exercises lesson. In the fencing exercise, Swamiji tells us to move the arm in ‘cross’ manner, but there was no such instruction in Barbara’s video. 2) Should meditation be done right after the exercises or can it wait? 3) How should I feel the energy flow? Thank…

How Can I Unite With God in THIS LIFE?


Question from Vaibhav Agarwal: Even after acknowledging that a soul is part of the Supreme, what should a soul do in order to reunite with the Supreme? A person having strong desire to meet GOD in THIS LIFE, and is willingly to give up everything to attain Him, what should such person do? Meditation? Maybe… But then how many lives will it take to…

The Highest Technique for God-Realization


Question from Praveen Raghuwanshi: sir i want to receive that super consciousness stage in which we can talk with god? can u give me way to receive that stage? how we can control flow of energy and send it to god by the path of medulla oblongata by the power of will. pls sir help me…..

Can We Know How Self-Realized Someone Is?


Question from Viraj: Dear Madam/Sir, Can you tell me one of your Super conscious experience(If not yours then of any of your Brother/Sister Disciple’s)? It is required for me so that my mind can prepare the mindset. Can you tell me why Beloved BABAJI’S spiritual state is beyond human comprehension……..?(I mean on what basis) Is “Ananda Sangha” blessed with a self realised soul…