Which Is the “I” that Is Concentrating on the Spiritual Eye?


The chakras are in the astral body. Then who is entering into the spiritual light? Who is the I who is concentrating on the spiritual eye? If I am the light body, then where is the spiritual eye located? Thank you.

—Self, India


Dear Self,

Your “I” which is concentrating on the spiritual eye is pure consciousness. You are not the light body. You are consciousness without a body.

The spiritual eye is located just a little above, and in front, from where your “I” is seated (for now), from where you are looking.

To understand this, ask yourself: “Where is my consciousness seated, exactly? From where am I watching?” You can find it out for yourself. If you trace back your awareness, your self-awareness, to its origin, you will find that it is in the medulla oblongata. Just try it: sit in meditation. Ask yourself: “From where exactly am I looking at my legs, at my neck, nose, forehead?” You will discover that you are looking from the medulla oblongata.

So when you look at the spiritual eye, it is located a little above and in front of where you are looking. Who is looking from there? Pure consciousness, the pure observer. That consciousness, the real eternal you, is what enters into the spiritual light.

The trouble is: as long as your “I” looks and observes everything from the medulla oblongata, you are caught in body consciousness. Only when you gradually shift your inner location, your “I”, to the spiritual eye, do you become free consciousness, without body identification. That is the pure free Self. In the spiritual eye you, pure consciousness, merges like a wave into the Great Consciousness, the Param-atma, or God. That is the goal.

All the best,