Jayadev, founder of the Ananda Yoga Academy of Europe, teaches Kriya Yoga and is the author of books on Hatha Yoga (Italian), Kriya Yoga, the Chakras (Italian), and related subjects.

Jayadev has trained hundreds of yoga teachers and gives seminars throughout Italy, and leads pilgrimages to the Himalayas and In the Footsteps of the Autobiography of a Yogi.

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I Saw a Circle of Daggers in Meditation. What Does That Mean?

Dear Ato, Meditation, as Yogananda teaches it, is a process of becoming silent. In that state we become able, gradually, to perceive the presence of God, and our soul, which is a spark of God. In that process images can ... Read More

How Can I Invoke Sri Yukteswar to Bless My Life?

Dear Rubin, This is wonderful that you feel that inner connection. You can use the japa “Om Guru,” repeating it mentally while thinking of Sri Yukteswar. Or just using the name of a Master works wonderfully. In that case your ... Read More

Where Did Jesus Go When He Was Dead for Three Days?

Dear Oakes, According to Yogananda these three days are highly meaningful: “The resurrection of Jesus in three days has special significance. He was advanced enough to reincarnate his soul from the physical to the astral, and from there to the ... Read More

Are There Self-Realized Masters Living in India?

Dear one, Yes, certainly. Yogananda writes in his Autobiography of a Yogi: “India has proved herself not witless against the thousand cunnings of time. Self-realized masters in every century have hallowed her soil.” In this new century too, they are ... Read More

What Can We Do With the Help of Our Third Eye?

Dear Suhail, With the third eye, the point between the eyebrows, we can… contact God. It is the point that transcends this world and leads us to Divine union. Yogananda writes in his Autobiography of a Yogi: “Long concentration on ... Read More

I Bought Some Stones and Candle, and They Moved on Their Own!

Dear Yasmin, Sometimes objects (even furniture) can indeed move through the agency of disembodied beings. Yogananda calls them “tramp souls” who are so attached to the material plane that they don’t leave for the higher realms at death. We had ... Read More

What Would Yogananda Have Thought of Plastic Surgery?

Dear Tina, Yogananda came to teach people Self-realization, telling them: you are not the body; identify instead with your soul! Plastic surgery goes in the very opposite direction: it increases one’s identification with the body. Hardly ever would he have ... Read More

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