Jayadev, founder of the Ananda Yoga Academy of Europe, teaches Kriya Yoga and is the author of books on Hatha Yoga (Italian), Kriya Yoga, the Chakras (Italian), and related subjects.

Jayadev has trained hundreds of yoga teachers and gives seminars throughout Italy, and leads pilgrimages to the Himalayas and In the Footsteps of the Autobiography of a Yogi.

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What Is Yogananda’s Technique for Learning Super-Concentration?

Dear Sunkoju, You are right, Yogananda used the term “Super-concentration,” just as he used “Super-relaxation” and “Super-living.” He explained the technique you are mentioning in the following way: HOW TO DEVELOP THE POWER OF SUPER-CONCENTRATION SPECIAL EXERCISE In the morning, ... Read More

While Meditating I Saw a Spirit and a Headache Started. Why?

Dear Raja, It is not easy to know if that headache came from an inner tension in you, or if you actually perceived something disharmonious outside in that temple. In other words it could be that what you felt there, ... Read More

My Boyfriend Saw a Hellish Spirit at a Cemetery. What Was It?

Dear Meg, Is your boyfriend given to vivid imagination or fantasy? Sometimes, in such cases it is the subconscious mind which can show us such things which appear amazingly real. They come from the same source as our dream pictures. ... Read More

I Am Married with Troubles. Should I Divorce?

Dear Sven, Yes, there is only one Self, which is your true You, and which is, in the highest realization Brahman (God) itself. But down here, when you are still in the little self, a husband and a father, the ... Read More

My Family Quarrels About Trivial Things, Also Because I Constantly Express My Opinions

Dear Koyal, Situations like this are never just one person’s fault. You have your part in it and so do the other family members. Everyone needs to learn something important in it. But yes, you can start to reform only ... Read More

It Feels Like a Warm Fluid Is Rising from the Base of My Spine. What Is This?

Dear Sandeep, Your inner energy is awakening and rising. This is extremely beneficial as long as there is never a burning sensation. A “mildly hot fluid” is good. See if in time you don’t feel a blissful sensation with this ... Read More

What Are Ananda’s Teachings on Wicca and Non-Mainstream Religions?

Dear Samuel, Ananda doesn’t specifically address Wicca’s ways or other non-mainstream religions. It might, however, sometimes contradict what they teach. At other times it might agree. Wicca for example says, if I am not mistaken, that the human being is ... Read More

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