Jayadev, founder of the Ananda Yoga Academy of Europe, teaches Kriya Yoga and is the author of books on Hatha Yoga (Italian), Kriya Yoga, the Chakras (Italian), and related subjects.

Jayadev has trained hundreds of yoga teachers and gives seminars throughout Italy, and leads pilgrimages to the Himalayas and In the Footsteps of the Autobiography of a Yogi.

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What Does My Dream Mean, About an Old Man Giving Me Spiritual Power?

Dear Ani, Dreams come as symbols. At times it’s just subconscious confusion, at times it comes with a message. Yours seem of the second category. The old man giving spiritual power might symbolize your innate wise consciousness which always has ... Read More

What Is the Use of Performing Mundane Tasks on the Path Toward Enlightenment?

Dear Carolyn, You are right: performing our duties and responsibilities and tasks “just to keep up social connections” doesn’t make any sense from a spiritual point of view. It only makes sense if you give it a spiritual purpose: these ... Read More

What Is the Causal Body and How Does It Appear? Is There a Feeling of “I” in It?

Dear Self, The causal body, our most subtle body, is made of 35 thoughts, or ideas, according to Yogananda. It is the “matrix” of the astral and physical body, so yes, it appears like a body, just in a very ... Read More

People Turn Against Me Even Though I Don’t Have Any Bad Intentions. What to Do?

Dear Sravanthi, Thank you for writing. I am sorry for the situation. But, as the Masters teach, everything happens for the best. Every situation is trying to teach us something. What is it in this case? If your intentions, actions, ... Read More

How to Live a Healthy Life Using the Conscious, Subconscious, and Superconscious Mind?

Dear Seetha, This is a very good question, as all three levels should be activated and included. For the conscious mind: this is your intellect, your rational faculty. Analyze carefully what you need to do and to avoid to maintain ... Read More

Is It Okay for a Spiritual Seeker to Dress Beautifully?

Dear Bharati, It depends on your attitude. If you dress beautifully to give beauty to others, to give delight to the world, then it is spiritually a good thing. Swami Kriyananda thanked people when they dressed beautifully with beautiful colors. ... Read More

In Meditation I See a Tunnel in the Third Eye. How to Proceed?

Dear Gopala, This is very wonderful, you are blessed indeed. It is not easy to see what you are seeing. The full spiritual eye looks like this: it is round, with a blue-violet field, a star in the middle and ... Read More

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