Will I Reunite with My Family After Death?


Question from Jacqueline Minnis: Can I reunite with my husband and family in the after and know each other from our past? And do they remember me while I’m still on Earth?

Life after Death


Question from Gayatri: Where do souls go after the death of the physical body?

Grief over the death of one’s father


Question from Akanksha: My father was brutally killed on 16 May. I miss him every second. All I think of is how much pain he got in those last few seconds of his life. He would have called our names — what went through his mind in that moment? He was a person who used to discuss a single event n number of…

How to ensure my deceased husband’s soul is at peace


Question from Bharati: Namaste I lost my husband a few days back. 1) How can I ensure his soul is in peace? I have heard charity helps. Please guide. 2) After approximately how many years of death does a soul reincarnate?

Loss of a Loved One


Question from Ravi Rebbapragada: My mother aged 86 had a fall on Dec 31. She had surgery on Jan 12 , was released from the hospital in Feb 6 , battled pain , dementia and delirium in Feb , March April . She passed away during a routine hospital visit , because if caregiver incompetence , they had been feeding her in the horizontal…

Connnecting with a Departed Loved One


Question from Sangita: My Dad to whom I, my sisters and mother were intensely attached,passed away on 1st May due to cardiac arrest.He was 76 and had 3 paralytic strokes earlier but this death was unexpected and very sudden. He died within half an hour of breathlessness.Even he wanted to live more just for us.I am very disheartened as I am single and…

Loss of My Boyfriend


Question from Anita Sihotra: Dear Sir/Mam, Before 20 days ago, I lost my boyfriend. I don’t know the actual reason of death. Before death he was chatting with me on whatsapp and according to information he talked to his father also on telephone. I am in so much pain and try to recover but unable to do. He didn’t bother me after death and…

Where Has My Son Gone After Death?


Question from Shireen Gokool: I am from South Africa working in China. My 25yr old son was involved in a car accident two weeks ago, He was unconscious and then taken to hospital and was still unconscious. He passed away the next day. Please tell me if he will be fine in the after life if he was unconscious the whole time. I was…