Loss of a Child


We have lost our only son aged 35 yrs suddenly and unexpectedly, cause unknown. An astrologer told us his longevity was 70+ yrs, though 27 to 36 yrs was critical period, but he won’t die. Then did he die due to chance, as predicted lifespan was 70 yrs? If allotted lifespan is by prarabhda karma reflected in birth chart why did this happen? Could he have exhausted his prarabhda sooner? Or is it this life’s karma which hastened his death? Also both parents karma was to lose their only child?

—Anonymous, Canada


Dear Friend,

I am saddened to hear of your loss: your only child, a son only 35 years old. As to the astrological reading, astrology is both an art and a science. It is best not to depend upon it except as perhaps hinting of possibilities. Few astrologers have the depth of intuitive wisdom to ever know of a person’s life span and among the few who might, whether to reveal such knowledge.

Yes, of course, the law of karma rules though under the sway of the law of Divine love. The more we live in God-consciousness the less the law of karma controls our lives. But of such are the saints alone and those who seek God alone. Thus we must accept that the invisible threads of action and reaction, cause and effect hold sway in the case of your son’s early demise.

But as God is life itself, your son lives yet and forever more. But even as your son, no one belongs to us for we are all children of God. Your love for your son is the most important part of your relationship and that love lives on. That love, moreover, descends from divine love and thus it too isn’t even yours.

Let therefore your love for your son not only survive but grow into the perfect love of God. Could it be that your seeming loss is God’s counsel to deepen your love for God, regardless of life’s ups and downs? All forms and bodies need to be shed at some point, whether in 35 years or 70 years or more.

Nurture your love for him for he lives in that love and then offer that love to the Source of Love: God, Divine Mother, or the Self of All. The law of karma will see to it that you will meet again though in new forms but with the same recognition of an innate love. But all forms and love itself are the gift of the love of God. Rejoice for your son lives in Spirit, in your love, and in the love you share.

Nayaswami Hriman