Food for Healthy Body, Mind and Soul


Question from Daniel: Hello! I take charge of cooking for my family. In Chile we have very harmful food habits, we eat breakfast white bread with butter and jam, egg or cheese, along with an instant tea or coffee and then we repeat it in the snack (in Chile you do not usually dine in the afternoons). It worries me, because I know…

Use of Subliminal Messages


Question from Chandan K: I have an anxiety disorder — social anxiety. I recently came across some subliminal messaging videos that embed affirmations using neurolinguistic programming. I had read that Swami Vivekananda and Yoganandaji had said that hypnotism was bad for the mind. Could you please let me know if such videos are ok? They help me.



Question from colleen mcgraw: I was going through a meditation last night and a flash came to me almost like a text that said, “You are not well.” Any idea what this would be referring to or would mean? Thank you.

Calming Heart Palpitations


Question from Tapasya: My heart breaks into palpitation easily….with mild stress physical or mental…which slows me down.. How do i make my heart stay calm at all times.! Thank you! Love Tapasya

How to Deal with Health Challenges and Depression


Question from Rohit: Hi I have been going through severe depression for over 10 years with digestive disorder issues. I feel intense pressure on my whole head and a feeling of contraction from within my body. There is also a blockage in my lower back. I have lack of mindfulness and experience constant chattering of my mind with all past memories, thoughts, images…

How to Overcome the Struggles of Life


Question from Tania Sanyal: Father critically ill because of cancer,mother looking for suitable groom for me but not getting success in doing so, also am struggling with my career bombarded with lot of negatives .want to overcome them pls help.

Self Healing


Question from Adityanand: How to heal ourself when u suffer a lot in this physical world mentally and physically?

How Can I Heal My Anxiety?


Question from Ingrid: I need help. This is a serious request. Please. I don’t know if it is a blockage but I feel tortured daily. Static vision, severe anxiety. Please help me. Please tell me you have answers.

Straight Spine


Question from Ajinkya Narnaware: How to sit straight for long hours for studying? My back tends to bend after some time which reduces my focus in my studies.

Fears, headaches and medications


Question from Jyoti: Fears remain on my mind. Was on drugs for so many years. Taking medicines. Chronic headache. Don’t know what to do. Pl help.



Question from Andra Denslow: My mother has dementia and I am stymied by the unpredictability. Sometimes she’s sweet and sometimes she makes up wild stories. For example, a couple of nights ago she fell out of bed and hit her head on the floor. Fortunately she was ok! The next day she accused me of hitting her on the head with a baseball. My…

How Can I Prepare for My Approaching Death?


Question from Andreas: I am very sick from diabetes, constant muscle pain: elderly man, who tries to be compassionate and meditates constantly. I am approaching death in the next year or so. 1. How can I “unstick” myself from how I am stuck? 2. How can I heal myself, so the “health issues” are not such an obstacle to meditation? 3. How can…

How to Say an Affirmation


Question from Devika: What is the correct way to say affirmation?For how many days should I say a particular affirmation?My friend tells me that I need to say it 21 times 21 days at a stretch.Also,she told me I can say in anytime while traveling or lying down etc.Is it true?

How Can I Be More Lighthearted and Love More?


Question from Charlie J: I feel a sense of distance between everyone, even loved ones. It’s as if my heart is heavy. How can I be more lighthearted and love more?

9-day Cleanse


Question from Jasmine Saeeda: Hello :) For the 9 day rejuvenation diet, 5 oranges are to be eaten daily. I know that it says to be eaten throughout the day but can I use all (5 oranges) or some of the oranges for juicing for the orange juice with the senna leaves taken before going to bed? So I would be eating all the…

Gaining Control Over the Mind and Body


Question from Kanishk: Is it necessary to exercise to get control over your mind or meditation is enough. I have started meditating on Om for a few days, I am getting a firm control over my mind but will it get over to the body as well or I will have to do some physical exercise(since I am unfit).

Can I Heal Another Person?


Question from Buddha: Suddenly a girl came in my life whom i do deeply love but problem is she is suffering with thalassemia minor. I cannot see her in such pain, i feel like her pain is my pain. what should i do to completely heal her of that disease? i can undergo any yogic meditation or exercise, withstand any amount of pain…

Healing the Crown Chakra


Question from ravi: How to heal someone who has “neurotic” after practicing meditation on the crown chakra for a long duration (of course due to ignorance)?

Challenge for a vegetarian


Question from Asha: Hi Pure Souls. I have committed myself to become totally vegetarian for the rest of my life. However can I take Nutritional supplements which contains omega 3 which generally contains fish oil? Is taking up these medicine same as eating fish?