Having Trouble Following the Guru’s Advice


Question from Ankur: I was initiated years ago by a Guru in the Shri Ramakrishna tradition. However, for reasons not clear to me, I am unable to follow my Guru’s instructions though I want to. In my eyes my spiritual life is in ruins. I need help but know not where to turn to.

Tears in Meditation


Question from Shaili: Hi! I am doing level 2 or deepening meditation level. My kundalini was forcefully evoked by another group of saints that I used to follow earlier. Now when I practice meditation I sometimes feel like crying. I pray to God that everything in my life should happen with God’s will and not mine. Is the negative effect of my previous…

Do We Need Physical Contact with the Guru?


Question from Marie Altman: Hi, this question bothers me even though it has been answered in a couple different ways. I just read in Journey to SR, p. 16, pg. 3, Master says, “…the guru transmits to you the light of God that flows through him….He gave me by his touch what I could not attain by the power and effort of my meditations…

How to Find Your Guru


Question from sutikshan: Sir please help me to find a guru .who can help me for meeting god .i want to know who am i and i want to feel god and i want to see god and i have a lot of questions for my guru please help me to find a guru who have already achieved brahammsamadhi . please help me



Question from Rita W.: Good afternoon and blessings, please could you advise me I have been reading Mary Kretzmann book a healers handbook. As a reiki master I’m torn as I read Mary prayed deeply and asked that the reiki initiation be revoked. I feel I channel the energy from the ananda line but feel if I leave the reiki I’m doing them an…



Question from pushkar: Greetings gurudev, Why did yogananda portrayed himself as an average student who use to get minimum passing marks in examination? I mean sure enough his intuition was so developed that he could have outsmarted professors! Thanking you,

Finding One’s Guru


Question from Vaibhav: Is it true that once u make sm1 your guru, the same person will be your guru in all lives? If in one life u haven’t found your guru yet ,then what should one do in order to attract his guru and to receive his guidence(as we don’t know who our guru is,but guru knows we are his disciples )

Why Discipleship?


Question from ashok: Why in Ananda, much emphasis is given to the pledge of discipleship to the gurus before? Rishis of such high caliber like revered Babaji, Yoganandaji, Yukteshwarji etc i think does not require any commitment 4rm themselves to the seekers as their Gurus. As this type of commitment automatically comes to seekers who shows magnetism to such gurus & this certainly…

Is God Formless?


Question from Vaibhav Agarwal: In his Autobiography, Parmahansaji raised a question about”when shall i find god”.His Guru explained that “He had already found god -Ever new Joy is God”. God is the universal consciousness, the ocean of bliss which can only be experienced.If this is true then how Paramahansaji was able to have an argument with God, talk or even see God(as GOD has…

A True Guru


Question from Jaaered Brown: Why am I so disappointed that everyone else has true guru?

When Will I Find My Guru?


Question from Archit: In all these years I have noticed a peculiar thing in my spiritual voyage that answers to many of questions were answered in some way or the other by various people and events.the interesting thing is when I started meditation practices the list of the ones who were answering shortened to realized ones and my deeper questions were answered. Does…

Karma and the Guru’s Grace


Question from Vaibhav: Want to ask 2 questions: 1.If sister gyanamata had no sins of her own,then why she had taken so much sins of others that she had to suffer so intensely for 20 years? 2.Why Yogananda had begged her life knowing that doing so,she will suffer for 20 years.Why he had not freed her soul(as God himself said that she willnot…

How to Connect with a Guru Who Is “Not in the Body”


Question from Vaibhav: Almost all religions talked about the importance of Guru. The Guru help his disciples to overcome their karmas, take some of the bad karmas and assist them to connect with god. Practically, it is very very difficult to have a true guru. My Question is, is it necessary that a Guru should be in Physical form(and not in subte form).…

Can Someone Be My Guru Without Having to Ask Them to Be?


Question from Sundari: Last year in India, I met a teacher who I feel is my guru. Simply, I see God in him. I want to learn to be that to others. He gives me guidance now, but I’ve never specifically asked him to be “my guru.” He prefers to be a humble servant, not a leader. I think it could embarrass him.…

Can Angels Be My Guru?


Question from Daniel: Can angels play the role of someone’s guru ?

The Guru’s Ray, Flowing Through Disciples


Question from Kristy: Hello. I understand that disciplic lineage is important in finding a guru, a teacher. How do I go about doing this, or is this one of those when the student is ready, the teacher will appear situations? Thank you for your time.

How Can I Meet Babaji?


Question from niti: I had put up a pic of babaji and started talking to him. One day in dhyaan I experienced tremendous energy and khechari mudra spontaneously. Since then whenever I think of or talk to babjis pic I have varying experiences(daily, maybe sometimes even 4-5 times a day) including khechari and its exercises. However whenever I ask him that I want…