Questions about My Guru


Question from Haq/Hani: Please tell me is there any technique to know that my guru is happy with me or not and how can I see my guru in dream? I feel sometimes a very cool breeze on my body during meditation. What does it indicate? Thank you very much.

A Blessing from “The Answer” Movie


Question from Niraj: I saw the film, The Answer, after which I got a vision of Mahavtar Babaji in my dream. Could this be a blessing from Kriyanandaji? Did all direct disciples of Yoganandaji have his blessings? Has SRF and Ananda Sangha colloborated on any occasion?

Meditation and Devotion


Question from Rosemary Crawford: I do Hong Sau meditation daily very exactly. What I can hope for, as I don’t understand what to expect. I have tears but I don’t understand how it works within me. Would you encourage me with hope? I am 75 years but very alive with love & life. I have had deep depression intermittently. It’s illusion and I want…

Having Trouble Following the Guru’s Advice


Question from Ankur: I was initiated years ago by a Guru in the Shri Ramakrishna tradition. However, for reasons not clear to me, I am unable to follow my Guru’s instructions though I want to. In my eyes my spiritual life is in ruins. I need help but know not where to turn to.

Tears in Meditation


Question from Shaili: Hi! I am doing level 2 or deepening meditation level. My kundalini was forcefully evoked by another group of saints that I used to follow earlier. Now when I practice meditation I sometimes feel like crying. I pray to God that everything in my life should happen with God’s will and not mine. Is the negative effect of my previous…

Do We Need Physical Contact with the Guru?


Question from Marie Altman: Hi, this question bothers me even though it has been answered in a couple different ways. I just read in Journey to SR, p. 16, pg. 3, Master says, “…the guru transmits to you the light of God that flows through him….He gave me by his touch what I could not attain by the power and effort of my meditations…

How to Find Your Guru


Question from sutikshan: Sir please help me to find a guru .who can help me for meeting god .i want to know who am i and i want to feel god and i want to see god and i have a lot of questions for my guru please help me to find a guru who have already achieved brahammsamadhi . please help me



Question from Rita W.: Good afternoon and blessings, please could you advise me I have been reading Mary Kretzmann book a healers handbook. As a reiki master I’m torn as I read Mary prayed deeply and asked that the reiki initiation be revoked. I feel I channel the energy from the ananda line but feel if I leave the reiki I’m doing them an…



Question from pushkar: Greetings gurudev, Why did yogananda portrayed himself as an average student who use to get minimum passing marks in examination? I mean sure enough his intuition was so developed that he could have outsmarted professors! Thanking you,