To Whom Should I Pray?


I am Hindu and read the Bhagavad Gita , in which Lord Krishna says to think of Him all the time, and offer him everything that we do. My question is I am also trying to attune to Swami Yogananda, and I have another Guru also from a different lineage, so I get confused as to who I should be focusing my mind on all day. My mind seems split because of this. I do a meditation in the morning by my 2nd Guru, and Kriya Yoga in the P.M (Sw.Yogan), when I attempt to attune to both Gurus respectively.

—SS, United States


Dear Friend,

Your efforts are admirable and well-inspired — yet thwarted by dividing your concentration and devotion. However, you must remember that God and Divine Mother are equally in not only each of us but also very powerfully in those saints and masters to whom your devotion so purely flows. On their level, there is no difference.

But on our level, you have two simple choices: either refocus your devotion on one of your gurus or see in each one the same Divine Mother and the two as twin and inseparable souls. But the latter approach may require more psychic energy than can be gained.

Each lineage and true guru sends out a ray of light, spiritual energy, and consciousness. Each ray has its own special vibration. Thus it is more likely and, indeed, a great tradition, to focus your mind and heart’s natural love upon one great guru. If you do this, pray to the other guru that you are making the right choice and, as God lives in all, proceed hand in hand with your Ishta Devata. As you are a kriyaban and as the Kriya Yoga of the Self-realization Masters has been given to humanity at this point in history to accelerate the soul’s awakening, you can easily guess what choice I might suggest!

I do pray for your spiritual success, which, in the large picture of the soul’s destiny, is without doubt!

Nayaswami Hriman