Kriya Training


Question from Rounak: In Autobiography of a Yogi, I read that PY taught Mahatma Gandhi Kriya Yoga. Surely it was taught instantly to him, which currently now takes an year after going through the energization exercises and Hong Sau. And there are several others whom he taught Kriya Yoga spot on. So why can’t I receive Kriya Yoga initiation without going through one…

Medicine and Meditation


Question from Rounak: I have suffered from seizure disorder and I’m on medication. I have read that Kriya Yoga( EE, Hong Sau as well) involves Pranayama (controlled breathing). My doctor says it is not advisable to practice controlled breathing as it might trigger a seizure. Please help me as I deeply yearn for spiritual progress through Kriya yoga.

Seeking Initiation into Kriya Yoga


Question from Nancy Y: Dear Master, I would like to be initiated into kriya yoga so I can fine tune my astral energy field, my intention is simply to serve in the new 5D world and make it a better place. As of now I am not ready to completely detach myself just yet (i.e. become a disciple, I assume this is equivalent to…

How to Learn Kriya Yoga


Question from Tanya: Namaste. How do I take Kriya Yoga initiation? What all things I would need to abide by once I take this oath, and what all I have to do once I take this?

Does Kriya Yoga Lead to Astral Travels?


Question from Dimonsumy: Does Kriya Yoga lead to astral travels? What does spirituality say about astral projection and a multiple universe?

Kriya Yoga and the Chakras


Question from Kkserene: Thank u so much for ur valuable answer.i want to ask what is this technique of sending pranic energy to all the chakras…… I hv no knowledge of kriya yoga…i could see the light on third eye chakra much before i saw some videos about kriya yoga on you tube…all i know about kriya yoga is that they concentrate on…

Hong-Sau and Kriya Yoga


Question from anupam krishna das: Thank you for allowing me to learn to meditate. Can I practice Hong Sau when I’m walking or washing dishes? How long does it take to learn the pre kriya classes? And how much do all the preliminary classes cost? Thank you, om

Will Kriya Yoga Help Me Achieve Outward Goals?


Question from Sanmay Patel: Namaste, My name is Sanmay Patel and want to ask one question. Does Kriya Yoga help me to achieve of fulfill my all dreams? I have both material and spiritual goal. Spiritual goal (self realization) I know kriya yoga will help me to achieve that goal. But my main concern is about material goals. For example… I want to achieve…

Obstacles to Meditation


Question from Aishwarya: Namaste. The Great Masters have said how Kriya yoga is a complete solution to all problems we face and how it can change the brain, thereby changing our karma itself. But for me it feels as though I need Kriya to get to learn Kriya yoga itself. Every time I try to meditate seriously with the aim of learning Kriya(because…

I’m hearing choirs and other sounds


Question from Liz Gordon: Hello. I’ve been hearing choirs and sounds continuously for over 5 years. I had only meditated for a month prior. The sounds and choirs don’t come through my ears but vibrate through my entire body and certain tones through my fingers, if I touch something. I have never done yoga and, after this long, only just learned about nada sound.…