Does Kriya Yoga Lead to Astral Travels?


Question from Dimonsumy: Does Kriya Yoga lead to astral travels? What does spirituality say about astral projection and a multiple universe?

Kriya Yoga and the Chakras


Question from Kkserene: Thank u so much for ur valuable answer.i want to ask what is this technique of sending pranic energy to all the chakras…… I hv no knowledge of kriya yoga…i could see the light on third eye chakra much before i saw some videos about kriya yoga on you tube…all i know about kriya yoga is that they concentrate on…

Hong-Sau and Kriya Yoga


Question from anupam krishna das: Thank you for allowing me to learn to meditate. Can I practice Hong Sau when I’m walking or washing dishes? How long does it take to learn the pre kriya classes? And how much do all the preliminary classes cost? Thank you, om

Will Kriya Yoga Help Me Achieve Outward Goals?


Question from Sanmay Patel: Namaste, My name is Sanmay Patel and want to ask one question. Does Kriya Yoga help me to achieve of fulfill my all dreams? I have both material and spiritual goal. Spiritual goal (self realization) I know kriya yoga will help me to achieve that goal. But my main concern is about material goals. For example… I want to achieve…

Obstacles to Meditation


Question from Aishwarya: Namaste. The Great Masters have said how Kriya yoga is a complete solution to all problems we face and how it can change the brain, thereby changing our karma itself. But for me it feels as though I need Kriya to get to learn Kriya yoga itself. Every time I try to meditate seriously with the aim of learning Kriya(because…

I’m hearing choirs and other sounds


Question from Liz Gordon: Hello. I’ve been hearing choirs and sounds continuously for over 5 years. I had only meditated for a month prior. The sounds and choirs don’t come through my ears but vibrate through my entire body and certain tones through my fingers, if I touch something. I have never done yoga and, after this long, only just learned about nada sound.…

Kriya Yoga


Question from Rupa: Hello, I practise kriya yoga for 3 years. I m satisfied in all aspect except I ’m gaining weight. In starting I was told it happens but it will reduce automatically but till date I m facing this issue.Please suggest

Learning Kriya Yoga


Question from Shravan: Can you please explain how I can be initiated into Kriya Yoga. I have been meditating for the past six months, and I want to move on to practicing Kriya Yoga. I live in Ontario Canada, and there is no Ananda Centre near by. Do you recommend a specific teacher/organization?

Kriya Initiation


Question from Rajkumar: Hi, I am doing Kriya Yoga on my own from internet. I did not get any initiation. Yogananda said that he will guide whoever gets initiation. Will he guide me also.

Am I Ready for Kriya Yoga Initiation?


Question from Riccardo: Hi, very soon I will have my first Kriya initiation and I’m so happy. However, because of an illness in this first year of discipleship my daily practice got interrupted so many times, also for many weeks. I always did my best to practice devotion, and to follow Guru’s teachings, but now I’m scared that I might not be really…

Tie Your Destiny to the Highest Star


Question from T: Does taking kriya initiation prevents me from regular activites/ enjoyments of human life like partying, dancing. I am getting into arranged marriage and would like to enjoy wordly joys, my fiancee has never heard of kriya. Is there a list of do’s and don’ ts for kriya initiation that i should know to avoid any shock for both of us?

Do I Need to Hurry Up and Learn Kriya Yoga?


Question from S: I have been attending satsangs for around 3 years.I feel spiritually high though I am not very regular in meditations due to my daily schedule. But I try to keep up with my daily prayers and do good work like charity,being honest,truthful etc as much as possible. Is it still necessary for me to take kriya right now. From my…

How to Deepen Your Meditation and Kriya Yoga Practice


Question from Anurag: Namaste! I have recently started doing Kriya Yoga, been mediating for over 2yrs which has helped me overcome fear largely. In my situation my task at hand is not my natural inclination. I am pushing myself to shift my focus for long, but lately it seems I am not able to find my way, and I am longing for God…

How Can I Be an Actor While Staying Spiritual?


Question from Bernard: Hello, I have just begun Kriya Yoga meditation. I am finding some conflicts with my worldly activities in terms of how to approach them as a person with spiritual focus. In particular I have just begun an acting course (monologues) to improve my communicative ability and explore a desire to participate in transformative entertainment in the future. How can I…

Pain and Other Challenges Caused by Meditation


Question from samy: Hello, Last year I started doing Isha kriya for 15 minutes for 15 days. There was a pain in my forehead between my eyes. I got scared and stopped meditating. I exercise regularly. I still have the pain in my forehead. Lately I am having shooting pains in head and numbness in my legs when I exercise. I am feeling…

Kriya, karma, drugs


Question from SG: Hello, I want to know, how do we know when we are burning the seeds of karma? Is it possible that while doing Kriya, negative experiences can occur because of the liberation of the seeds? And do you recommend doing Kriya, during a psychedelic trip?

The Physical Spine and The Astral Spine


Question from Aasheesh Chhabra: I would like to know while practicing Kriya, will the link (thread) from Muladhar center to medulla should be a straight line or it has to pass through the Chakras. I am asking this question because if the link (thread) has to pass through the chakras then it would be in standard S shape as our physical spinal cord is…

Did Jesus and His Disciples Practice a Form of Kriya Yoga?


Question from Cyril: Hi, Did Jesus teach a meditation technique to his disciples? How did his close disciples become so purified? Was it just by his grace due to karmic link from previous lives which dissolved their karma or due to them simply praying to God. Thanks Cyril

Kriya Yoga and Devotion


Question from Cyril: I read about Yogananda saying that to practise Kriya without the purification of the hearts feelings could be harmful. I think he meant it in the sense that your energy will rise but then fall again instead of being transferred to the spiritual eye from the agya chakra. This then it seems is very important to the success of Kriya…