How to Love God!


Question from Pereha: How to turn attachment for others into love for God? I get very easily attached to people and start hoping for them to reciprocate the love and affection. But it always disappoints me and god has shown me time and time again how unpredictable human love is. How do i love god wholly and be free of the need to…

It is Difficult For Me To Pray To The Divine Mother


Question from Kailash: Swamiji and Master emphasized seeing God as the Divine Mother, but I still have difficulties in doing so. I’m very used to the ‘Fatherly’ figure, and have a ‘Krishna-like’ image of God. Other than Master’s image, I’m not able to relate to God in any lovable form nowadays. I wish to see God as the Divine Mother, but Swamiji also…

How to Love God


Question from Raani: I am a vedantist. I am wondering how to reconcile that with “loving God” and devotion. Thank you.

How to Relate to Various Gods and Goddesses


Question from Aishwarya: Hi, I was raised a Hindu and have been worshiping and loving the Gods and Goddesses of my faith.Image and idol worship has always been the norm. And I was fine with it all along. But now as I am trying to live more consciously I’m disturbed about the images/idols. Disturbing thoughts grip and shake me. I’m constantly, inconsolably in…

How to Be More Devotional!


Question from G.H.: I am in the process of reconstructing my life so that I am less distracted and can put more time into becoming a true devotee of God. I could use help in how to better my meditation process to become completely adsorbed in spirit, thereby not hearing, seeing, or feeling any of life’s distractions around me. In other words, directing…

What Is This Tickling Sensation In My Forehead?


Question from Phalguni Dave: Aum Sri Sai Ram, Please advise and help. I am not trying to focus on my midbrow slightly above and between my eyes, but I feel that tingling, tickling sensation there that opens my nasals and makes me smile. I feel it especially when I am chanting stotrams. It is an autonomous sensation that something during my chanting is too…

What it Means to be Pure-Hearted


Question from S: There are so many versions of what it means to be pure hearted..Could you tell me what are the traits of a pure hearted person and apart from meditation, what are the ways to achieve it..Also with life and experiences, is it truly possible to be aspure hearted as a baby or a child?

How to Open the Heart


Question from Lois: When attempting to do a heart opening meditation or any guided meditation that focuses on the heart chakra…I feel numb. I feel no sensations, no warmth…no glowing light…nothing. There is a sense of a big void there…a black whole…is the best way to describe the “nothingness” I feel.

How to Awaken Devotion in Your Heart


Question from Ioney: Joy to you. I having being doing Kirya Yoga (MASTERS)for 14 years loves it could not live without it.It has help me in so many different ways. However how to balance head and heart. I have strong feelings in head How to concentrate on heart and feel more love. And what is love how is it different from joy. Thanks…

Can I Pray to Mahavatar Babaji While Following Another Path?


Question from Govinda: Why am I so drawn to Babaji and serve two different paths? I pray to Nityananda and Babaji almost daily, repeat “Om Naha Shivaya,” and am still drawn to Babaji for His help with my life. I offer my work every day, feed the poor, and don’t get paid. I completely changed my lifestyle, eat only healthy foods, and try…

Why Doesn’t God Fulfill Our Needs and Guide Us Clearly?


Question from Pavan: Hi, I feel there is no free will. I can quote you in Ramakrishna’s teachings: “Nothing can occur against the will of God.” If God is our own mother, why can’t She fulfill our needs? At least why doesn’t She at least tell us yes or no. She may show various hints indirectly, but what is the point if we…

The Life of an Avatar

Yogananda described himself as manifesting, in particular, the divine qualities of joy, love and wisdom. A quality less frequently recognized as divine is power. “Paramhansa Yogananda: A Biography” is perhaps among accounts of Yogananda’s life unique as a testament to his divine power.

How to Balance Devotion and Mental Activity


Question from Kailash: So joyous am I to contact you again. My question is, how can I remember God when I have to do something like learning engineering and keep myself blissful? I feel terrible to have to learn engineering when thinking of God. At other times, I may be so engrossed with the subjects that I forget Him. If I’m not interested…

Is it dangerous to love God as my beloved?


Question from Robbie: I’ve read that approaching God as your Beloved is dangerous because it’s too intimate. I’ve found though that approaching God as Beloved works better for me because I can think of my beloved all the time, as I do in human relationships, and it brings a tendency to feel that He’s the only one I love and need. Also it…

Idol Worship


Question from jayantkumar dhruv: Hindus worship images and icons of stone, clay, and metal. Is not this practice of idolatry contrary to the teachings of the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita ?

God as Divine Mother


Question from Anonymous: I’m used to thinking of God as the Heavenly Father. The idea of Divine Mother is very new to me. What’s the Divine Mother all about?

How to Pray to God as Mother and Father?


Question from Nina: Namashkar! God is one. Could you please tell me the difference between Divine Mother and Divine Father and how can I address them separately during my prayer. Regards.

“I Have Become Very Bitter in Life”


Question from shweta jha: Because of some cases of cheating and hurts I have received from loved ones and friends, I have become very bitter in life. Of late, I have realised that the bitterness has made me very unattractive. I am into kriya which certainly helps me but not when it comes to bitterness …. that is judging almost evrything negatively. I makes…

God Loves All Equally


Question from DG: “God is Love” this is what I have read all the time and believed in it. Then why didnt God help me unite with my love? I recently brokeup with my ex due to family pressure. We prayed so much… wasn’t our love real or pure or worth saving? Or am I paying for my past karma? I feel agitated…