I Write Letters to God. What Do You Think?



I like to write letters to God expressing feelings, either good or bad feelings... Sometimes I write thanking Him, sometimes I write asking for help or guidance.

It is easier for me to write to God rather than normally pray like talking to Him. I feel more concentrated doing so. And since He is omniscient I’m pretty sure He reads my letters :)

So, how do you see this practice? Yogananda has ever commented on this? Any recomendations on how to do it?

Thank you in advance,

Kind regards.

—Veronica, Brazil


Dear Veronica,

This is a wonderful devotional practice. Of course, He is omniscient, so he knows every word you write. Speaking or writing, where is the difference?

Yogananda himself, as a boy, wrote a letter to God and received an answer.

How to do it? The same “rules” of prayer apply: God watches the heart and responds to the heart. The more you write with love, the more He is close and will make you feel His answer and presence.

You could write Him poetry too. He likes devotional music, Yogananda says, and poetry is musical writing.

May He bless you,