Does the Law of Attraction Really Work?


Question from Rehan: Does the Law Of Attraction really work? Do you really attract what you are thinking and feeling most of the time, or things happen to you because of your karma? How far is the the law of attraction valid?

What is Prana?


Question from Rajesh kumar rai: Hi ,what is the basic difference between life force and energy level and Prana with their specific significance ? Thanks.

Spiritual Eye


Question from OSADe Omoruyi: I was with someone and he told me to focus in the middle of my eyebrows as I did not understand the third eye, but I saw a light. I felt very warm. What was that? The sun was behind my head! Bright light in front of me! What was happening?

Speed of Light!


Question from true devotee: Greetings gurudev, What is so special about the speed of light?In the law of miracles it is stated that the person who has crossed the speed can perform miracles like babaji.I mean is that speed the borderline between material and astral world? Waiting for your reply, Thanking you

How to Feel Prana, or Cosmic Energy


Question from Drago: As a teacher of Yoga, if you were to ask a student to try and perceive the flow of prana, what would this question mean? I.e. would it mean flow within a particular area eg circulating or merely centralized or could it mean a line of connection between one point and another? I’m just wondering how far the perception of…

Using Electronic Devices to Deepen Meditation — a Blessing or a Crutch?


Question from ruchit: Hello in this modern world there are a lot of devices/ electronic machines like computer to play music i’m using these devices to play different mantras during my spiritual practices personally i feel like i shouldn’t depend on something magnetic for my practices so using those devices will be good or bad??please provide guidance.

Is Face-Reading Valid?


Question from Nina: Physiognomy, the science of face reading says that a person’s character, and the kind of emotions he or she has harbored can be known by studying the person’s eyes, forehead, shape of nose, texture of hair and other facial features. What was Yoganandji’s take on it? Has he said anything about it?

Can Science be Defied?


Question from Sana: Hi, I have heard that one can walk on water with the power of thoughts. Is it true? I have no intentions to try this stunt but just curious. Can indeed science be defied with the power of thoughts? Can one defy gravity with powerful thoughts? I have heard this many times but thought of confirming with you all since…

Energy and Kundalini in the Body


Question from CR: Dear Brother/Sister, *) Is there a top-down kundalini? (which could start from the crown and gets down the body) *) Can there be a kundalini awakening without the person knowing it? *) I could feel energy activation continuously on my forehead — Any suggestions on how to handle it? *) During meditation I had a warmth on the back of…

Are Auras Real?


Question from Paige: Are auras real? Do we all have them? Can you learn to see them and utilize them? If so, how?

Please Explain God


Question from A: I wonder if god is an evolutionary product of the human brain? Nature favours only the fittest. Newborn animals are killed by predators..why? Even us, to make the human body survive we need many “Non-human” parts such as the bacteria that live in our guts. I now find it hard that god created all this…decay, sickness, old age really…

Can Science Define the Soul?


Question from santanu mukherjee: Sir, With due respect I submit the following for clarification. How Atma/Soul can be defined through scientific method. If any development for specific valuation of one’s soul is established. I would further request about views of Swami Yogananda Paramhansa in this context keeping in mind that Science and Religion are closely related. It is often discussed that there is no…

Black Holes, Parallel Universes, and the Astral and Causal Worlds


Question from k: I recently watched on Discovery about existence of parallel universe on other side of blackhole. Does astral worlds and causal worlds lie behind black hole? Even light which is the base of all creations as depicted in Autobiography of a Yogi cannot escape black hole. Why? What power lies behind it? Also there is no time in blackhole that is…

Focus on the Spiritual Eye, Not on the Crown Chakra


Question from preety: Pranam and Salutation. Can you please tell me why one must not concentrate on the crown chakra while sending healing? I’m a student of Kriya yoga and i practise daily. May i know how i can attain deep states of bliss while meditating? God bless you for the noble work you’ve undertaken.

Life on Other Planets?


Question from TRANEA: Did Yogananda say anything about life on other planets ? Of parallel universes ?

Cloning and the Soul


Question from Vinay: Hi, I had a question related to animal and human cloning. Since Master has said that a soul enters during a flash of light when male and female cells unite. But cloning involves asexual replication of a donor cell without another counterpart to be united. This has been making me curious now and then. Though i don’t crave for an…

Does God exist?


Question from vinay: Hello, I am a man of science and I firmly share the view of scientists that man is an organism that had evolved from another animal through the course of millions of years. My question is, did man create the concept of god as a mechanism to cope with lifes uncertanities? What is the evidence to suggest that god exists…