Can Science be Defied?



I have heard that one can walk on water with the power of thoughts. Is it true? I have no intentions to try this stunt but just curious. Can indeed science be defied with the power of thoughts? Can one defy gravity with powerful thoughts? I have heard this many times but thought of confirming with you all since you are an authentic spiritual organization and would be able to give the accurate answer in an unbiased way.

—Sana, India


Dear Sana,

You ask if science can be defied by the power of thought, enabling one to do such things as walking on water, levitating, or other such so-called miracles.

The answer is Yes, but these things are not done by the power of thought — rather by the power of Divine Energy, through which the material world can be manipulated in amazing ways. This is easily done by the Avatars, the Great Ones. And it is very important to remember that powers like these will only be used when they are guided by God to do so.

These powers are within our grasp also, when we are willing to progress spiritually.

The best clear explanation of this subject that I know of is given in Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda, in the chapter called “The Law of Miracles.” I think you would enjoy reading or re- reading it carefully.