A resident of Ananda since 1975, Savitri is a Lightbearer Minister, Counselor, Raja Yoga Teacher, and former co-director of the Ananda Meditation Teacher Training program. Among Ananda’s most popular teachers, Savitri has taught at The Expanding Light and several of Ananda’s branch communities since she came to Ananda. She lives in Ananda Village with her husband Nayaswami Sudarshan.

An expert in the chakras for the last 20 years, she has taught hundreds of classes, workshops, and seminars on understanding and awakening the chakras. Among other courses, she currently teaches Mystical Keys to Awakening and The Seven Gates to Freedom, an experiential chakras course. She also is the author of the Chakras for Starters book and video, as well as a video/DVD called Yoga Postures to Awaken the Chakras. Savitri’s perceptiveness in a trilogy of novels is highly valued by readers of any or all books from the collection.

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