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Is Being Intellectually Ready for Spirituality Enough?

Dear Andy, What a great question! Thank you. It definitely is one that many, many spiritual seekers have. The answer depends on your natural temperament. Many people (as it seems you may be) are more intellectually inclined and that’s fine! ... Read More

Sitting in a Chair for Meditation

Dear Theo, We are glad to hear that you are enjoying our website and that you are meditating daily. Keep it up! Yes, it is fine to sit in a chair for meditation. The chair should be steady and straight-backed ... Read More

Strange Experience in My Solar Plexus

Dear Rupert, Thank you for your question. It is good to know that you are meditating regularly. Keep it up! What you are experiencing is not at all unusual or dangerous. It indicates that the kundalini power at the base ... Read More

An Unusual Occurrence

Dear Grandma Lessey, What you what you have described seeing is, most likely, an aspect of your spiritual eye (or third eye, as it is often called). It is what Jesus mentioned in the Bible when he said: “If therefore ... Read More

Have I Failed at Meditation?

Dear AC, Thank you for your questions. First, I congratulate you for persevering in your meditation practices for these past 8 years! Perseverance is one of the main qualities that a meditator needs to achieve success.  Where meditation is concerned, ... Read More

I am Not Comfortable with My Sexuality

Dear Natalie, Thank you for your candid question. I am sure many sincere truth-seekers have similar questions but are uncomfortable about asking them. Please remember that sexual energy IS only energy. What makes it good or bad, helpful or harmful, ... Read More

Dealing with Grief

Dear James, We are very sorry to hear of the death of your wife. There is no reason that you need to let go of her beautiful memory, while at the same time letting go of too much attachment to ... Read More

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