An Unusual Occurrence


I am uneducated in this principal but am curious. Many years ago I experienced an unusual occurrence and witnessed a golden spinning glittery halo at my eye-level as I opened my bedroom door. I was immediately scared and just closed my door and immediately opened the door and the halo was gone. Have I missed my chance?

—Grandma Lessey, USA


Dear Grandma Lessey,

What you what you have described seeing is, most likely, an aspect of your spiritual eye (or third eye, as it is often called). It is what Jesus mentioned in the Bible when he said: “If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be filled with light.”

It was a blessing for you to have this happen and is certainly nothing to be frightened of. Of course, if you had no knowledge or warning that something like this might happen for you, then it might, indeed have startled you or anyone.

No, you have not missed your chance to see it again if you wish. It is always there to be seen as an integral part of your energy body and more precisely, the light, which appears in your sixth chakra.

When seen in its fullest expression, it is looks like an eye in certain ways. There is a deep bluish-purple circle (or tunnel) surrounded by a golden, spinning glittery halo (just as you described it). In the very center is a tiny, silvery-white, five-pointed star. When you meditate deeply, this beautiful “inner eye” appears to you and becomes your gateway to ever-deeper spiritual experiences.

It would be wonderful if you would take this experience as an invitation to get to know your Higher Self through meditation. If you would like help with that process, please be sure to let us know. It would be our great joy to help you learn more about how to travel along this pathway to the Infinite!