Dizziness exiting a forward fold


Question from natalie: When I do a forward fold in my hot yoga class, I always get dizzy when coming back up but I’ve found that raising my arms overheard helps. I also have low pressure and I sometimes get heart palpitations and feel dizzy and raising my arms also helps me. I’ve read that the heart works harder to pump blood when…

The Practice of Bhastrika Pranayama


Question from Jeremie: I’m a bit confused regarding the practice of Bhastrika. I always thought it was practiced by breathing forcefully (but not too much) pressing and pulling the stomach in and out. But a teacher I lately met with told to practice this way: “Breathing is done only in the chest, not in the abdomen. It should be shallow and rapid.” He…

Breathlessness vs. aerobic exercise


Question from Kannan: I often read about breathless state brought about during deep meditation. It intuitively appeals to the mind that slowing the breath is associated with tranquility and longevity. My question is what about aerobic exercise? It is very much necessary to avoid diabetes and heart problems and one breathes very fast during the exercise. I wonder what the Yogis’ take on…

Hatha Yoga and Energization


Question from Kaye: I once read “somewhere” that Master said that you could get the same energy flow from Hatha Yoga as you can from the energization exercises, but you would have to be a master of the postures and know exactly which ones to do and in what order. That it is probably wiser to simply do the energization exercises. Could you…

Hearing Sounds During Hatha Yoga Practice


Question from Caz: Hi. I’ve been hearing inner sounds for just over three years. They began about six months after beginning to practice hatha yoga and pranayama again after having decided not to engage in these practices for a few years. This began gradually, with various discrete sounds, but I’m now what sounds like many human voices (40 to well over 100) singing.…

Internal sounds during yoga practice


Question from Cyril: Hi Soul friends, Sometimes I hear a rising “whooshing” kind of sound in my head when I am in yoga postures esp. the more demanding ones like locust or full peacock. I am wondering what this phenomenon could be and if its normal. Thanks for your time. Cyril

When to Do Hatha Yoga?


Question from Karin: When beginning my meditation practice, should I do hatha yoga before or after energization exercises, or does it matter? Thank you