Awakening Kundalini with Asanas


Books praises God’s mercy but i did a yoga posture(paschimottanasan) for four months daily two times 45 minutes each. It failed to give desired results (kundalini awakening) . Why? If God is so merciful.

—Vivek sharma, India


Dear Vivek,

Kundalini is not primarily physical, so Kundalini is only indirectly affected by asanas. Kundalini is prana in the locked form. It is true that aggressive application of asanas can sometimes awaken Kundalini energy, but to do so is both unsafe and undependable.

Unsafe, because the released energy has yet to be brought under sensitive awareness and control. Unpredictable, because prana is not a blind force but a conscious and intelligent divine power. It is not for the ego to seek.

The history of yoga since time immemorial is filled with stories of yogis who sought Kundalini’s powers but who didn’t also prepare themselves with the aid of a guru, with humility, purification, and devotion.

Krishna teaches in the Bhagavad Gita that we must be non-attached even to the fruit of our sadhana. Let our salvation be the gift of Divine Mother and not the result of self-effort alone.

God is merciful, to be sure, but we must do our part and offer our intentions at the divine feet lest “we get what we wish for” and regret it! Okay? Maybe God’s mercy is expressed in the very fact that what you sought didn’t happen!

May the divine light be ever your guide!
Nayaswami Hriman