Question from Michelle: Why are there people with extraordinary talents and people that seem to have none? What do you think is God’s purpose for these types of people (Picasso, Einstein, Mozart)? Are people with special gifts obligated to use them to help other people? Does Yogananda say anything about people with extraordinary talents/abilities?



Question from Prakash Tiwari: Who was I in my past life?

God Wants to Help Us


Question from Vernika gupta: Is our trust in God always justified? What if he makes things happen that we never wished or hoped for?

Success and Karma


Question from Alakananda: I feel I am a failure. I feel I have not achieved anything in life. My father, to whom I was very close, had many dreams and aspirations for me. However, I was not able to fulfil any of them. Is this my karma? Will meditation help me? I have been practising meditation erratically for the past couple of years.…

Why is Death Sometimes Painful


Question from Vernika gupta: Why is the death of some people so painful to them? Is it due to their bad karma of past lives?

Are all tests due to karma?


Question from Jim: Are the tests that come to us always due to karma, or are some tests just tests?

Reincarnation Memories


Question from Siddharth Kumar: If I was in the astral world before I was born, why don’t I remember anything? When I die and go to the astral world, will I remember the current “me”?? Or its like a fresh new birth with no memory?

The Law of Karma and the Holocaust


Question from Jo Graham: A spiritual teacher of mine said that the Jews deserved to be gassed in the Holocaust. That it was their karma. I disagree!!!

Purpose of Life


Question from saumil desai: What is the overall purpose of life? Why the cycle has started? I read somewhere that it’s to gain different types of experiences. If that is true, why to move towards ending those experiences by being spiritual?

How Can I Change My Karma?


Question from Natalie: I feel like God is being cruel to me. A certain problem keeps popping back into my life no matter how much I try to avoid it and I don’t know my karma associated with it. How can I make the torment stop and change my karma?