The Law of Karma and the Holocaust


Question from Jo Graham: A spiritual teacher of mine said that the Jews deserved to be gassed in the Holocaust. That it was their karma. I disagree!!!

Purpose of Life


Question from saumil desai: What is the overall purpose of life? Why the cycle has started? I read somewhere that it’s to gain different types of experiences. If that is true, why to move towards ending those experiences by being spiritual?

How Can I Change My Karma?


Question from Natalie: I feel like God is being cruel to me. A certain problem keeps popping back into my life no matter how much I try to avoid it and I don’t know my karma associated with it. How can I make the torment stop and change my karma?

Will I Reunite with My Family After Death?


Question from Jacqueline Minnis: Can I reunite with my husband and family in the after and know each other from our past? And do they remember me while I’m still on Earth?

Life after Death


Question from Gayatri: Where do souls go after the death of the physical body?



Question from Katherine: My niece recently passed away tragically in a car roll over. She was only 22 months old. My mother was the driver, she fell asleep behind be wheel. Everyone else in the car survived except her. It breaks our heart because she was just a baby. My heart breaks everyday for my brother and his partner. I just can’t understand…

How much Karma do we have?


Question from Pravin: How can a yogi know how much karma is left and how much is gone? Can they access everything of the mind?

Next Lifetime


Question from Michelle: What life choices, actions, or events would most likely carry on into the next lifetime? (Ex: marriage, being wealthy, having a new hobby, etc.)

Loss of My Boyfriend


Question from Anita Sihotra: Dear Sir/Mam, Before 20 days ago, I lost my boyfriend. I don’t know the actual reason of death. Before death he was chatting with me on whatsapp and according to information he talked to his father also on telephone. I am in so much pain and try to recover but unable to do. He didn’t bother me after death and…

How Do I Free Myself From Karma?


Question from priya iyer: Hi, I’m Priya iyer from Bangalore, India.. I wanna hw to clear our past n present karma, coz me n my family r suffering from different issues, nothing is long lasting.. Let me know which temple to visit vth details.. Thanks in advance..