My Brother Committed Suicide. Where Is He Now?


I’m not sure if this would be answered but I am very curious to know what happens if a person is committed suicide due to some negative entity (that’s what could I figure out for my brother), people talk that they won’t be at peace..but when i talk to a psychic , got to know that he in much better place.

but my question is was this predestined..n is he in better place now??

—abhi28, india


Dear Friend,

I am sad to hear that you lost your brother in this way. While one must admit that taking one’s own life is a serious rejection of life itself, it must also be admitted that the reasons people commit suicide vary widely as to what triggers their action. Thus it is helpful to understand that the consequences of suicide will vary as much as the individual reasons. For example, in military circles, ritual suicide at times of defeat was considered honorable in some cultures. In other cases, for example, drug addiction one could hardly be said to be in one’s “right mind!” In times of passion and heartbreak, we have extreme emotions. Nonetheless, one must be cautious and understand that all actions have certain consequences. It is important to take your brother’s soul-welfare seriously.

Regardless, then, of the presence of some entity, and regardless of whether a psychic claims that your brother is in a better place (doesn’t everyone say that?), I would urge you to pray daily for your brother and send him your love, goodwill, and peace. In doing so, however, do not do this with intense emotions on YOUR part, but rather with the love and friendliness of a true brother. Whatever state of consciousness your brother may be in, I can assure you based on the testimony of the sages and the ages, that your prayers for his comfort, peace and future incarnations will be a great help to him. For so long as your life continues, keep him in your heart. And, if you have access to others who are also willing to pray for your brother, then be sure to ask for help. Okay?

Blessings to you both,
Nayaswami Hriman