Spiritual Eye – Will Center


Question from Siddharth Kumar: The third eye center is the “transmission center” of the body. How to transmit messages to dead and alive loved ones? What is the process? Do they hear words? Or get feelings? Can I transmit messages to Yogananda or other masters? Will they reply? How to increase the transmission capacity of the third eye?

How Can I Overcome The Fear To Perform Well?


Question from Keerthi: I am a sports person. Recently I was selected for the next level which is actually a good platform to perform. If I do so I will be definitely able to achieve my goal. I am feeling very tensed because I don’t want to leave this opportunity. This opportunity can fix or at the same time spoil my dreams, so…

How Can I See Mahavatar Babaji?


Question from Nandhini: I got diksha (initiation) from three gurus: Vazhga Valamudan (Vetharthri Maharisi), Isha Yoga (Jakki Vasudevar), and I forgot the third guru’s name. I worship saint Ragavendrar. Rarely I practice yoga and meditation. Recently I developed the wish to see Guru Babaji in reality, or at least in my dream, or while practicing meditation. I am very eager to see him,…

Does Making Astrological Predictions Create Karma?


Question from Nidhi Damle: Is an astrologer bound karmically if he helps the masses through his predictions and remedies? Because there are situations when his prediction might not be accurate, even if the astrologer wanted to help the other person. Does this trap an astrologer karmically, and does he get entangled into karmic bondage? The aim of life is to be free from karma.…

Yogananda’s Predictions for Future of India


Question from Siddharth Kumar: What does the future hold for India? India has good karma, but I feel terrible things are happening in India. People are fighting over religion and caste. India has bad relations with China and Pakistan, both nuclear powers. Did the masters predict any war involving India? What is the plan of Divine Mother?

Is God Unable to Prevent Evil? Is He Not Willing to Do So?


Question from F: How would you answer this question by the ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus (341 BC-270BC) Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?

Is Astrology A Good Thing To Learn?


Question from Nidhi Damle: I am really passionate about astrology, right from my childhood. I wish to pursue it by joining a course. I have seen however that the holy saints disapprove of astrology. In such a situation, what should I do? Should I professionally learn astrology anyway? But, if my respected holy saints disapprove of astrology, saying that one should not believe in…

My Astrological Bangle Broke – Does This Have Any Special Meaning?


Question from Annalisa Rishika: Years ago I ordered an astrological bangle of Paramahansa Yogananda. I have used it for years and it has always protected me, but two years ago it broke, and now I wear it with the silver thread being broken in a certain place. I wonder if this has any meaning? And if I wear it without fixing it, does it…

Yogananda’s predictions for the future


Question from Hemant: Yogananda had forecast about Russia and Americ,.and things about Russia came to be true? Did Master tell about America, that it will be divided? What is the future of America?

Could You Intepret This Vision With A “Shadowman”?


Question from Melanie Thompson: Could you Interpret this vision? I was in a building with metal walls. I was laying on an exam table unconscious. My eyes were closed but now I could see through them. I could not move. I was not scared. Above me are figures (people?) suspended near the top of the walls (chorded?) They were also unconscious. I see shadowman…

The meaning of a divine image


Question from diane hall: Over the weekend, I was outside helping my fiance with a deck. I went into the house to grab something. I closed my eyes and saw a divine image. I will do my best to describe this image. First it was the brain it was split in two and slowly coming together with the 3rd eye in the middle, and…

My Husband’s Dream of Sri Yukteswar


Question from Jahnavi Desai: My husband had a dream wherein, he saw Shri Shri Yukteshwar Maharaj. He came in form of a boy, carrying laptop and discussed about some work. He was angry with my husband. He stood up & set on the head of some another man sitting in the same room & performed an Asana. Suddenly he disappeared & there was a…

Should I Read People’s Minds?


Question from Shaili: I feel that I am sometimes able to understand what’s going on in other people’s mind. I don’t understand that thoughts are coming from whose mind in the group present. This is involuntary. What should I do about it? How do I let it go

Is It Dharmic to Kill One Person to Save Many?


Question from BE: This is a philosophical question If you had to kill 1 person to save 1 million people, would it than be justified to kill that 1 person when you knew that you would save the life of 1 million people. But if you did not kill that 1 person you would be the reason that 1 million people died? What…

Is God a Creation of One’s Mind?


Question from A mind: I grew up into a hindu family worshiping photographs and idols of deities but now i find no sense in this because i think everything i pursue is an creation of my mind and god is also a creation of my mind. So my question is if the true nature of mind is to be empty then why should we…

India: trends in consciousness


Question from Rush: Hi, I was just reading Indian news of the horrific rape/murder of an 8 year old Muslim girl. It seems these happen very often now (or at least, they are being reported more), along with much violence w/Hindu nationalists- I guess the Dwapara energies are creating tension in people’s minds and uprooting hidden vices; how long will it continue like…

Did My Dream of My Guru Come from Him?


Question from nancy: I dreamt 3days ago, that I saw myself hugging my guru Swami Vidyadishanandaji. I was sitting at his side, he was smiling and receiving the hug and I felt great joy and love (platonic), but I was the seer seeing this happen to me in the dream. What is the emanating of this dream?Is Swamiji somehow communicating or is this…

Is Extra-Sensory Perception Always Visual?


Question from Niraj: is extra sensory perception always visual. Ie info of events of past or future always coming to the person with this power as a vision only or through sense as well ?