Contacting One Who Has Left This World


We lost our cousin recently due to illness. He was younger than both of us (me & my sis). My sis was very attached to him & missing a lot. On the 9th day after his death, while discussing about his death with her hubby, she heard a knock 3 times at around 12.45 am & felt it was cousin who might have come to say I am leaving now as 10th day is the cleaning day. She is unsure of the knock if it was real. She feels that she will meet him again. Is there anything she can do to communicate with him?

—SP, India


Dear Friend,

Paramhansa Yogananda wrote a lesson on the process of death and life in the astral world. I offer to you some excerpts specifically related to contacting a loved one. You mustn’t “play with” such techniques except in relation to someone who is of good character, and only for the purposes of loving contact without attachment.

  1. Concentrate deeply with patience at the spiritual eye (point between the eyebrows). Visualize this good soul and continuously broadcast to this soul your invitation to speak, see or contact him. Silently call to him saying “Resurrect, and be quickened in God.”
  2. Such contact should always be conscious; do not lose consciousness.
  3. If by continuous broadcasting you have a soothing presence around your heart this may indicate that the soul is touching you through your feeling. Be very calm and that presence may communicate more clearly.
  4. Before sleep, concentrate on the feeling that this soul is present for several minutes before falling asleep. This soul may then appear to you in a dream.
  5. You must be patient. It can take months, even years.

In all events, do not hold your cousin back from his journey onward. Your efforts should be to express your love and your wish to know that he is well and happy. You will meet again. Even if he has already reincarnated your efforts can still bear fruit.

Nayaswami Hriman